Saturday, September 8, 2007

Two Months

Abigail is two months old. She still loves to stand up. We've even propped her against the window sill and couch, and she's stood there with no assistance. September 7th (just over two months) tummy time became roll over time. She has learned to roll from tummy to back. She is sleeping about 7 hours a night and just had her first time in her crib. It lasted six hours, which we were excited about. She's starting to coo and really interact by talking to us with these noises that we repeat back to her. She laughs with a short ha. She is smiling a lot. She's been a bit fussier during feeding and is not napping as well as she used to. Sometimes babies are just hard to figure out. She's not as happy in the car as she used to be either. However, mostly we have a very easy, good natured baby. She is such an amazing addition to our famiy, and we're having a blast with her.

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