Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Corban at Six Months

Mr. Mr. has begun scooting around quite nicely. He rocks on his knees like he wants to go, but mostly he just army crawls to get where he wants. He continues to light the world up with his smile. He also continues to frustrate his mom by not really believe in napping much at all. Some days, he might just sleep for 45 minutes. Nights continue to get a bit better. He is up once or not at all. He can pull of 10 hours every once in a while too. He eats fine, but we are supplementing more. He began solids right at 6 months, and he responded fine. His first experience was really good - no choking or making faces . He just took rice cereal like a champ. He had another ear infection, which followed a pretty bad cold that seemed to drag around for a bit. He is 26 inches in length (25%...taking after the Kern genes), 17 lb 8 oz (45%) and has a 17.3 inch head (30%). His spikey little hair, striking blue eyes and pale skin are noticeable visual markers. He continues to be a social little dude. It is wonderful that he loves people, but he also is a bit high maintenance, wanting to be in someone's arms often. I love this little guy so much and get imagine our lives without him.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Hollywood Cake

I made a cake for a high school friend's birthday. Unfortunately (for us), Sara ended up having an audition in LA, so she couldn't make it up to Seattle to celebrate. My kids enjoyed the cake though!

Best Friends

These two get along so well. It's rare that I have to intervene on disagreements. They play well together and spend a lot of time interacting and laughing. This is such a blessed noise.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Overstreet Playdate

The Overstreets are close friends who come over often for playdates.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

I walked in the kitchen the other day to find Abby making herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich - successfully. She's not even four yet. I was pretty impressed by that.

Sunnier Days

Sunnier days means more attempts to be outside. We still need to bundle up, but I'm one of those fair weather moms. I wait until it's nicer to really get outside a lot, so it's nice to have the hopes of some sun around the corner.

Easter 2011

Easter began at our house with my family. The Kerns, Andersons, Luncefords and Hillenbrands were there. It was a rainy Easter, and so the hunt happened inside this day. After celebrating at our house, we headed out to the Webers for our extended Durr family celebration there. He is risen! Now that's reason to celebrate.

Dying Easter Eggs

Corban at Five Months

Smiles seem to be a consistent mention in Corban's updates. My quote for him (from "Elf") is "I like smiling. Smiling is my favorite." This sweet little guy brings me so much joy and has such a wonderful nature. I am loving his "faux-hawk" that has grown so naturally. Sleeping has improved a bit. He is up once a night, and we are beginning to let him cry it out a bit more. Eating is good, but we have begun supplementing once a day, and he does seem more satisfied. Daily naps are not consistent or good. A morning nap is the best equalling 1-3 hours. Afternoon is rough, and it tends to be his grumpiest time. He seems super social and loves his older sisters. He can roll anywhere and tries to push with his feet. He has much more control of his hands, so he interacts with toys more. We introduced the jump-up, and he seems to twirl more than jump. He loves to be in people's arms.


Kenzie has showed no jealousy toward Corban. She loves him so much. She is helpful with him and wants to hold him, hug him, kiss him and play with him.

Working Outside

The days were cold, but they were sunny. So, we put Corban in the exersaucer all bundled up so we could get some yardwork done.