Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Sarah and Reg's twins, Elizabeth and Gabriella (Jer took this picture).
Kelly & Eric's twins, Myles & Owen.

And starring....Jackie and Greg's twins, Hailey & Andrew in their first rap video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxUYf84QuXw

We've had an explosion of twins among our friends in the past year. Hopefully, it's not contagious.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Eight Months Old

Picture to follow, but for now the writing. Abigail is officially eight months old and an absolute joy. She started full-on crawling on February 10th. She can now cruise around quite nicely and is pulling herself up onto all the furniture easily. She also walks her way around the furniture. She can crawl up stairs. She is eating bites of some of the things we eat as well as winter squash, prunes, pears, apples, apricots, oatmeal, bananas, and we're trying to train her to do juice from a sippy cup. She doesn't quiet get it 100% yet. She talks a lot. She says "maa maa," "gaa gaa," "baa baa" and the like, but I'm not convinced she associates them with anything yet. She has no teeth although I keep thinking she is teething with drool running out of her mouth and constantly gnawing on things. She is done with breast feeding, unfortunately. She is learning to wave bye and can seem to follow some simple instructions like come here, no, head down (a game we play on the bed), and she responds to her name. With the "no" thing, she seems to be getting it. We can't tell yet if she is willfully defying it at times or just doesn't quite get it yet. She's pretty good at staying out of things except that I found her pulling dirt out of one of the plants in teh living room this morning. She remains social, curious, smiley, easy going and active. She has not enjoyed being in the car lately. Parents say that each stage gets more fun, and they're right. She's a doll.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Skiing with Justin & Laura

Jeremy and I went up skiing with our friends, Justin & Laura. It was so much fun. The weather was great. Laura and I were equally matched as were Jeremy & Justin. It was nice to have a day of fun and activity!

Photographers Wanted???

We took the pictures for the Pritchard family at our church. Here's a quick animoto with some of the shots. It was so fun!

Play Dates

My friend Kelsey came over with Markus and Hailey the other day for a play date. We (Drea, Jennifer, Hope, Katie & sometimes Kelsey) are beginning to do play dates with our kids every Friday. I'll take my camera to show you the crew.

Goofy Picture

Every once in a while you just have to throw in a goofy picture of your kid - right?

Elena's Third Birthday

My niece, Elena, just celebrated her third birthday. My family celebrated over at their house. Can you guess the theme? Elena is one of those people who truly appreciates my cakes

Kelsey's Baby Shower

My friend, Kelsey, created a new friend for Abigail this month. Her name is Halle Joy, and she's so sweet. This is the cake I made for her baby shower.

Valentine's Day

"Hey Guys...Why'd you ditch me tonight?" Here's Abigail on Valentine's Day - all dressed up for the occasion in an outfit Adam & Erin Knoll bought her. There were cuter pics of her, but this one cracks us up. We ditched the kid that evening and went to Katie Downs. I know it's not your typical Valentine's Day dinner, but it was so us. We had such a great time together. Jer was so sweet and wrote me a wonderful card and poem. I, of course, spoke to a man's heart through his favorite cookies...the S'More cookies from http://www.susansweets.com/ (Amber's mom's new business).

7 Months Old

Here's Abigail at 7 months. We didn't take her weight and height...oops. She is a good sleeper but a light sleeper. She eats breast milk, formula, and a lot of plumbs and pears until her digestive system develops better. Abigail moves like she's doing the worm. She also army crawls and planks her body. She gets up onto her knees but hasn't figured out crawling. She will, however, roll to get where she wants to go. She loves being around people and is most content out and about. She has a variety of sounds and laughs. She is an absolute joy and a easy baby with a sweet spirit. She seems determined to try new things. She is very curious and active.

Standing at the Window

Almost every morning, Abigail and I go to the window to greet the world. She loves to stay there forever watching the birds, ducks, boats, etc. It's motivated me to want to write a children's book. It's a wonderful time together.

OK...I did drag my birthday out...

OK - This was the final birthday celebration (until next year). My Tacoma friends went out to Katie Downs on the waterfront for my favorite - Pizza. We celebrated Sarah's birthday here as well.

Looking for a Home?

I thought I'd give a little plug here for my brother-in-law, Corey, who is now a real estate agent for Windermere. If you're looking to buy or sell a home and wanted a motivated agent, call Corey Matney at 206-384-6717/253-284-0724 or e-mail him coreym@windermere.com. Oh, and here's his website coreymatney.mywindermere.com.