Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mommy and Me

Abigail has a book that she is into reading right now called "Monkey and Me." She'll read along or wake up in the morning saying that phrase over and over. It's pretty cute and inspired the title of this blog entry. This is me at 38 weeks with my "big girl."

Pregnancy at 38 Weeks

I'm thirty-eight weeks along in these pictures. Pregnancy, overall, has been fairly easy. The beginning of the pregnancy, I was admittedly a bit more emotional than usual. I definately felt the hormones kicking in but had little other ailments than that. The rest of the pregnancy has been pretty easy except for some discomfort toward the end, which was greatly reduced by a visit to the chiropractor. I have gained 31 pounds. I have definately felt bigger this time around although I'm measuring similar growth. Currently, I am 2 cm dialated and 25% efaced, which is more progress. Yippee!! Hopefully, this baby comes soon. We're excited to meet her.

Learning Sprout

On Saturdays from 10-2 at the Learning Sprout in Tacoma they have activities set up for the kids. It's a fun little outing that we decided to take advantage of and plan to do more of the same in the future.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Abigail at 21 months

Abigail continues to delight us. She is goofy, fun, obedient, friendly, smart and independent. She is still a peanut when it comes to eating. Eating is always second priority. She is not a picky eater and prefers ethnic or spicy food. She loves sweets too. She is very good at eating her fruits and vegetables...actually enjoys them the most - well other than the sweets. We have recently realized that she does not handle life well when she is sick. We're trying to balance the compassion with the discipline to get desired behavior no matter what the circumstances. She loves music and is singing along with all of her favorite songs. She is learning her letters well. She surprised me by saying, "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday" the other day. She likes to count and can count to about 14 - always skips two though, weird. She loves seeing her family - grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and knows them all by name. We are so blessed to be surrounded by people who love her so. The feelings are mutual. She also enjoys play dough, taking care of her baby, playing in her kitchen, doing sticker books, reading books, doing puzzles, helping mommy, going to gym class, playing with blocks, coloring and being outside. She is a good sleeper. She is starting to put sentences together and really wants to communicate. She has too many words to mention. Attention seems to be more important to her as she instructs everyone in the room to "Watch!" her do something new and inspects to make sure they are "watching." You can see her pride as she is accomplishing new things. She is very into babies right now, and we're hoping this continues as the new little one arrives.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pregnancy Update 37 1/2 Weeks

My sister said I needed to update people on my pregnancy. Well, there hasn't been anything to update. I've been measuring right on and there's been nothing exciting to report. However, I just had a doctor's appointment and can now say that I had a 3 cm growth in measurement, 3 pound weight gain (ugh) and the good 1.5 cm dialated. Now, I know this doesn't necessarily mean the baby is coming anytime soon. Last pregnancy it took me 4 hours of labor to progress to 1.5 cm, so it's good and exciting news to me. My cervix is softening a bit. I am not efaced and the baby is still at -3 position and head down. The doctor could feel the head through my cervix. So, for someone with such a long labor last time, 1.5 cm is wonderful.