Thursday, September 20, 2007

I Can Use My Hands

Abigail discovered her hands were good for something on September 20th. She moved the toys on her swing from one side to the other. I am writing down accomplishments only her own mother could probably appreciate, but it's my journal so niener, niener, niener. ;-)

My Health

For the past month or so, Abby has been really fussy while feeding. She cries and pushes away and then turns her head back for more. Mommy has been worried at times that she's not getting enough and then that she's getting too much. She spits up a lot too. Doctor Clapper thinks in might be some esophagus problems, so we're going into the doctor tomorrow (September 21st) and may need to get her on medicine.

Daddy & Me

Here's me & daddy!

Daddy dressed me this morning, but no worries, I spit up all over my bib!

Rolling Over

Look at me! I first rolled over on September 7th, 2007. I've done it off and on since then.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Zoo Trip

We went to the zoo on September 11, 2007 with Stacie & Elena. It was a beautiful day. Abby watched the fish intently and then fell asleep, so she didn't see any other animals. She had her first carousel ride at the end when she was very hungry. She was, as you see, very miserable. Once the ride started moving, however, she stopped crying and seemed to enjoy it. It was a fun day!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Michelle's Visit

I was able to spend a day with my friend, Michelle from San Diego. Here she is with Abigail and Charlie.

Comfort Object

I know that this looks like the bear is attacking her, but she loves this bear. It is the first thing she has really grabbed onto. She accidentally kicked it away and began crying. She stopped when it was given back. I've named him Charlie.

Feet & Hand

Here's Abigail's feet and hands at about two months. These are more pictures for the nursery project.

Durrfest 2007

Our first annual Durrfest 2007 on Labor Day weekend was really fun. We had two separate parties - one for friends and one for family. This will definitely be a tradition. Thanks everyone who came and made things fun and easy! We had about 40 people at each party.

Ross and Elena on Uncle Tim's Sea Doo.
Everyone out on the boat!

Jeremy & Emma. Emma had her first experience on a Sea Doo, and the crazy kid drove it at 67 MPH.

Steph, Max & Kerry chatting at the friend Durrfest.

Did I say Durrfest? I mean babyfest. There were over 15 kids age 2 and under. There were oodles of new babies. This is (from left to right) Becca, Annie & Shelby, Jodi & Abigail, Kelly & Elsa. Our living room was the feeding/nursing room for all the babies.

Two Months

Abigail is two months old. She still loves to stand up. We've even propped her against the window sill and couch, and she's stood there with no assistance. September 7th (just over two months) tummy time became roll over time. She has learned to roll from tummy to back. She is sleeping about 7 hours a night and just had her first time in her crib. It lasted six hours, which we were excited about. She's starting to coo and really interact by talking to us with these noises that we repeat back to her. She laughs with a short ha. She is smiling a lot. She's been a bit fussier during feeding and is not napping as well as she used to. Sometimes babies are just hard to figure out. She's not as happy in the car as she used to be either. However, mostly we have a very easy, good natured baby. She is such an amazing addition to our famiy, and we're having a blast with her.

Photoshop fun with Lake Chelan Photos

Here's Jeremy messing around with photoshop. We were cracking up at this! The original picture was us on the beach in Lake Chelan. Abigail loved sitting under the umbrella, and we were able to go swimming while others watched her.

Chelan 2007

Dinner with Grandma, Auntie, Julie & the rest of the family.
Breakfast at our regular spot, "Latte Da."

Abby is just happy at a clam as she lays out by the pool.

Abigail loved being in the pool water but screamed bloody murder when her feet were dipped in the lake.

Here's great aunt Tricia holding Abby. Mommy was happy to get breaks as she passed her little girl around to all the family members.

Standing and Screaming

Abby loves to stand. She's been very strong since birth and has loved to stand since probably 3 or 4 weeks old...maybe earlier. It's a guarantee way to make her smile. Overall, she's been a good baby. However, she definately has her moments of crying where we can't quite figure out what's going on. I try to explain to her that she really has things quite easy, but she doesn't grasp that yet.

Nursery Project

I took on the project of helping to decorate the new nursery at the church. Part of that involved Jeremy taking black and whites of babies in the nursery. Here's some pictures he shot of us.

One Month

We're wanting to take pictures of Abigail in her car seat each month. Here's a one month old pic.