Monday, May 10, 2010

"Sesame Street Date"

Abigail and I had a special date to see Sesame Street Live. We went and parked at the Tacoma Dome and then took the "train" (the Link) to one of my favorite Thai restaurant, Indochine. Abigail loved the train. It was definitely a highlight. She was fabulous at the restaurant, eating well and throwing pennies into the fountain we sat next to. Next, back to the Dome for the show. She loved her first experience with cotten candy and seemed to enjoy the show too. She was very serious watching it but would dance along at times, like shown. I love the one on one time with her.

My Girls

Amber's Actual Wedding

I know I already posted the pictures from James and Amber's wedding in Puerto Vallarta. However, the actual wedding happened prior to that at the Matador in West Seattle. Since Jer was the official pastor, we were there to sign. Great to witness this wonderful union.

Abby's Name

This is an older picture. Abby wrote her name all by herself without any reminders on how to spell it on 3/21/10. She shocked me!


Easter was another great family time. The last picture of my mom opening a little chicken that had a sign saying that we were adding another chick to our nest. We gave the same to the Durr side to make the pregnancy announcement. We started the morning at church and then went to Stacie's house. We followed up at Great Grandma Webers. Abigail had fun looking for eggs. Kenzie had crashed by then. Maybe next year she'll get it more. We love our family!