Saturday, May 24, 2008

Paris' Birthday

We recently went to our cousin, Paris', birthday party. It was a carnival theme with blow-up bounce toy, cotton candy machine, hot dogs, and slip-'n'- slide. The above picture is Abigail and her second cousin once removed (we'll just be calling her cousin), Audrey. Here is Abigail trying to get drinks from the slip-'n'-slide.

Mark's Ride

May 10th we participated in "Mark's Ride." This is an annual event to honor the life of our wonderful friend, Mark, who died tragically because of complications with his OCD. He was an avid bike ride, so his family puts on an annual ride at Merymore Park in Bellevue. Her is Abgail with her cousin, Emma. She is walking side by side while holding a hand. She has more recently take 7 (new record) steps on her of today. Anyway, after this shot, Emma got on her bike and we put Abby in the Burley, and we set out for a wonderful bike ride.

Sprinkler System

Yippee! We have a sprinkler system now. For those of you who haven't seen the house for a while, you can notice that there has been a change of color as well. We wanted it more grey than what we ended up with, but we still like it a lot.

Leah's Birthday

We went out to celebrate Leah's birthday back in April. We went to Joeseppi's for some yummy, huge portions of Italian food.

Out with Friends

Three car seats fit in my car! This is us running errands with Drea and her kids, Ethan and Eli.

Straw Drinking

I'm a little behind in blogging, but this was back in April when Abigail began drinking from a straw.