Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jer's Birthday

My sweet husband turned 33 on October 7th. The day before his birthday I found out he likes yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I was just going to do an ice cream cake since I know how much he loves ice cream. However, with this new discovery, I decided to make him a cake...the day of his birthday...with three kids at my heals. I have never done a cake so fast. This birthday was all about his new IPhone, so I had to do a cake to match. To celebrate we had Thai food and a Wii party with family here. I love this man so much, and I am happy the world was blessed with his presence as he entered the world 33 years ago.

More Cousin Time

Our nieces are such sweet girls, and in many ways it's easier and more fun to have them here than to not. They are not only playmates for the girls but also huge helpers around the house. The cousins have such a great relationship, and I am excited to see how those relationships continue to develop.

Painting Pumpkins

After the pumpkin patch, we had fun painting our little pumpkins.

Spooner Farm Pumpkin Patch

We were able to watch my nieces while Stacie and Ross were in Germany. One of our activities was to go to Spooner Farms pumpkin patch and corn maze. Pumpkin sling shot is a favorite activity...especially for my husband. We also did the fun corn maze, had some food, and picked out a pumpkin for the kids to go home and paint. It was a fun filled morning.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Movies on the Ceiling

One of the family activities I really enjoy is movies on the ceiling. Jeremy brings a projector home from work, and we push the couches together to make a bed for us all to lay on to watch the movie. This night it was "Tangled."

Monday, October 17, 2011

Building the Patio



We have wanted a patio ever since we moved in this place. The grass was fine, but to have just a bit extra flat space to have tables and chairs was a dream. Well, now it's a reality thanks to my husband's mad skills and the help of family and friends. We also got a L shaped couch set. It was built on the hottest days of the summer and completed just in time for fall to hit. Next summer? Time to relax.

Puyallup Fair

Our weekends were super busy, so then the question became, "Do I brave the Puyallup Fair all by myself with the three kids." I decided, "Yes." So, off we went one morning, and I am so glad I decided to go. We had so much fun. Wish the camera hadn't died in the middle, but you get the idea. We bought a all you can ride bracelet for the kids, and they took full advantage. Any ride they were allowed on, they went. Abby wanted to go on the rides she wasn't big enough for yet, and she had a smile plastered on her face the whole time. Kenzie was super daring for her age. She kept right up with her sister. Her only hesitancy were the roller coasters. She looked like she wanted off and was going to burst into tears at the end. However, she'd get off and reluctantly say, "That was fun," and she'd go on the next roller coaster that came along. I was with Corban, so I watched them bravely make their way, by themselves, to the top of the BIG yellow slide - dragging their mats behind. They had their first elephant ear (my favorite treat), and loved visiting all the animals. It was a really fun day filled with so many memories.

Swim Lessons

In September, Abby and Kenzie started swim lessons at Clover Park Pool. They are doing super well. Kenzie has been a lot more hesitant around the water, so to watch her becoming more comfortable and not doing a death grip on whoever is holding her is super encouraging. She's really having fun with it, and that's what I wanted from her at this stage. Abby is having a lot of fun as well. She blew us away by sailing through her first session and graduating to the next level. She now knows how to float on her back and front for ten seconds. Comfortably put her head under water. Torpedo swim with her head under water sometimes unassisted and doing some other unassisted swimming. Once she moved on to the next level she had some hesitancy putting her head under water, saying water was going in her nose. Overall, I am impressed by her skills. It is fun to watch both the girls have fun and progress.

A Couple Cousin Pics

Pouring Water

Kenzie had been getting into a little trouble lately - getting into lotions, make-up, markers, vaseline, etc. So, a way to combat that has been to provide a lot of tacticle experiences. One of those was to give the kids a bunch of containers to fill, dump and pour. Kept them entertained for quite a while and is a new favorite activity.