Monday, March 28, 2011


...just because she is so darn cute.

Double Rainbow

Oh, If only the stories about the gold at the end of the rainbow were true. I'd had gotten into our little row boat, and I'd be a rich lady by now. This double rainbow was spectacular.

Kenzie is Potty Training

It started just a few days ago. We three successful tries on the potty. Then, a dry spot. Today, two more successes. I guess we are in potty training mode now with our almost two year old. Up until now, she has asked to go on the potty. She always asks right after she has gone in her diaper. I think we are making progress.

Movie Night

We had a movie night with our friends, the Evarts. We did milkshakes and popcorn and projected "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" on the ceiling for the kids to watch. Fun times. We kept the blow up mattress on the ground for the kids to watch a movie the next day.

Dad and Son

Mom and Daughter

Corban is 4 Months Old

Corban is the sweetest little guy. He was four months old on the 20th of March. He now rolls over (both directions), coos at us, is in his exersaucer, sits in the Bumbo and smiles whenever smiled at. He also puts his head down and tries to push with his feet. I'm wondering if he'll be an early crawler because of this. I guess we'll see. Sleeping habits have deteriorated a bit. For a while, he was giving us 10 hours a night. Lately, he has been known to be up 1-3 times a night...sometimes it is 12:00, 3:00 and 5:30...rough. We are tired. Naps have been more spotty too - without real consistency. He is relatively a happy, happy baby though. We believe he is teething early because he is drooling and chewing on things non-stop. He has had a consistent chapped lip issue going on. I don't know if I mentioned in my 3 month update that he has a skin reaction to things easily. The doctor said it's quite common and can go away. It often indicates an allergy that can also go away. We all adore him and can't believe how much he adds to our family already.


The first real throw up I can remember hit our home. Kenzie had only one episode of it. Abby was throwing up for a few days. She has never watched so much tv in her life. She got pretty good at making it in the bucket. It's hard watching your kids be sick, and my heart goes out to parents who are dealing with the more devastating sicknesses.


After our photography class, we wanted to play with taking pictures in motion. So, we decided to capture the girls jumping in bed. Then, we began to throw them. It was fun for all of us.

Eating Cake

My poor girls. I have developed such a sweet tooth for them with my hobby. I had made this cake for a friend's birthday, but plans changed, so we were able to all take part. They were thrilled.

Poor Corban

Poor kid. To be the brother of older sisters. This crown was on him the other day. I also find dolls in his swing with him and today he had on goggles. I need to guard the kid better.


That kid has graduated to an exersaucer now.

Rolling Over

On March 8th (3 1/2 months), Corban rolled over for the first time.

Playing with Photography

Here Jeremy was playing around with shutter speed. It was quite random. I was laying in a pitch dark room, and I had no idea why he suddenly was running around the room with a tiny flashlight. That's my husband!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Me and My Boy

Things I Want to Remember

  • Kenzie won't try anything. It's kind of about being a picky eater, but a lot of it is not trying things at all. We have decided she now needs to start trying one bite before she can get down. Last week she sat in her chair for an hour before she would have a bite of spaghetti. Didn't like it...probably because it was cold and slimey by then. Today the torture came in the form of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which took an hour and 45 minutes to try a bite of. I think we have more promise that she liked that one.
  • Abby had a friend, Ben, over last week. He had a sun on his shirt. She said, "Can I call you Mr. Sunshine since you have a sunshine on your shirt?"
  • In the most teenage voice possible, Abby said, "I got that money from my peeps." "Your peeps?" her cousin, Emma, inquired. "Yes, my peeps are Julie, Lucas, Jenn and Corey."
  • I confiscated all of Abby's dress-up clothes for a week because of some behavior issues we have been having. The next day she brought me a princess glove and a necklace and said, "Mom, you forgot to take these." I said, "I didn't take the jewelry. You can keep the necklace." She said (in the most dramatic voice), "Oh mom, you are the nicest mommy EVER!"
  • I was watching American Idol and Abby walked in. She looked at the judges sitting there and said, "She looks like a monkey." Then panned in on Jennifer Lopez. She said, "Not her." Then, there was a close up on Steven Tyler. "Her!"
  • Abby just wants to be grown up. I tell her to enjoy being a kid, but every day (sometimes multiple times a day), she says, "Look how big I growed," or "Look how strong my muscles are now," or "Look how tall I am."
  • Kenzie's new thing is "Close peeking (then she holds something to my face) eyes." The way she says it is too cute.
  • Kenzie is beginning to sing the ABC's.
  • Kenzie and Abby get so upset if the other one is getting in trouble. "No discipline Abby" or "No stairs, Abby."