Thursday, October 28, 2010

Girls Twirling

I love the relationship of my two girls. This is just a moment of them twirling together.

Abby Reading the Bible

Abigail opened her Bible the other day and began reading to me. She combined the story of the birth of Jesus, Jesus getting lost talking to the scholars at the temple and Noah. I tried to have her tell me the story again, and this was her next version.

Kenzie on Phone

Kenzie has some pretty animated phone conversations with laughter and a lot of yeah, yeah's in the middle of hi and bye. I only caught a second of it. Kenzie tends to shut down when the video camera goes on.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pregnancy with Corban

People have asked what I look like in this pregnancy, and I have been lame at getting pictures taken. Here I am at 36 weeks...looking like I'm ready to pop....feeling like I want to pop. It's definitely been a bit more challenging pregnancy, although I know I have little to complain about. I think it's just harder when you've got two little ones to take care of. My body has felt tired, and I'm ready to be done. I haven't been sleeping well lately (3-5 hrs a night). It's a combination of bathroom trips, restless legs, a weird itchy arm thing that I'm going to see someone about tomorrow, my trip to the ER and then not finding or making time for working out. It has all just been different. However, I'm not on bed rest. He looks healthy. I don't get morning sickness or bloating. I've gained as much as I'd liked to gain, and mostly, I just want to meet this little boy, so bring it on - whether I am really prepared or not.

Beautiful Lake Pictures

All the seasons bring its own beauty.

Jer's Surprise Birthday Party

I planned a surprise birthday guy's night for Jeremy. This picture was taken after a few guys had lost their money and were either playing Wii or heading home. I made a bunch of guy food, which I thought I had plenty of but disappeared. I think the guys had a good time together.

Kenzie and Grandpa

My parents are officially retired, which means we get to see them a lot more. They are such amazing grandparents to our girls (and the rest of their 7 grandkids...a total of 10 with mine on the way). I love how Kenzie loves to curl up with grandpa.

Seabrook "Baby Moon"

My sister generously offered to take my girls for four days so that we can go on one final "baby moon." Jer's parnter owns a beautiful beach house in the ocean side beach community of Seabrook. This community is like stepping into a different era. It has one small cafe and a grocery. People sit out on their front porch, talk to their neighbors, light up their porches and write beach cruise bikes around the neighborhood. It is like pleasantville. The weather wasn't great, but we were content hunkering down, watching movies and my favorite, doing puzzles. Unfortunately, the weekend ended early as Jer had to drive me to the ER in Tacoma early Saturday morning. Mommy and baby are just fine, but I had to have minor surgery - blah. It meant the next week at home was pretty uncomfortable, and I was basically on bed rest. Blessed to have family and church family there to support me as I recovered.

Jeff's Surprise Ducks Party

Leah asked me to design a cake for Jeff's surprise Oregon Ducks birthday party. It was a fun party, and I think he was surprised. Happy Birthday, Jeff.

Audrey's 3rd Birthday Party

Abigail and Kenzie's cousin, Audrey, just turned 3. They celebrated up at her grandparents farm. They enjoyed the bunnies, goat and of course, the pony rides. It was a "princess and pony" theme, and I took this as needing to dress up in princess clothes. Abigail didn't seemed phased to be the only one in princess gear, her favorite outfit for any time. We did Kenzie as a cute little fairy princess.