Thursday, July 30, 2009

Potty Training Update

Abigail has been doing awesome. Yesterday was her first full day while being out and about that she did not wear a diaper. There were no accidents. She has been very diligent about telling me when she needs to go. She had another successful day today also. She had one #2 accident at grandma's house. She's not a big fan of pooping on the potty. I think she has the main idea down though. She's wearing pull-ups now only to sleep. Way to go, Abby!

A Change

Apparently a change was needed in the Durr household, and it came in the form of hair. Jer has had a beard for the last 3-4 months. I like it a lot, but also supported a change. These were the transition photos before the end result, which I unfortunately haven't taken a picture of yet. Me? I chopped me hair. It feels nice to have a fresh, light, fun new style. I just did it today but am a fan already!

Outdoor Theatre

We hung up a shower curtain and turned our back porch into an outdoor movie theater. Love it!

Rolling Over

Kenzie rolled from back to belly for the first time on July 28th. Here's the moment caught on camera. It is basically the exact same timing as Abigail (I'm so glad I'm blogging so I know this). It amazes me that my girls don't particularly like being on their belly and yet they find the desire to get to this position right at 4 months. Development is awesome.

The Bumbo

First time in the Bumbo. She likes it.


It was quiet. Normally not a good thing. For example, yesterday, it was quiet. I was enjoying the quiet so I didn't respond right away. Mistake. I found Abigail in the bathroom with half a shampoo bottle dumped on her head. Let's get to the picture above now. was quiet. I yelled out, "Abigail, what are you doing." The response? "Hiding." I go into the closet to find her like this. Cracked me up. I went to get my camera and took this picture. She always wants to look at the picture, so she said, "See it!" I showed her the pic, and she looked down at her legs, obviously disappointed. I think she thought she had chosen a great hiding spot - unaware that her legs were left out. She's a hoot. Side note - she also says "See it!" to grandma's film camera. When grandma shows her the back of the camera has no image, she immediately says, "Broken."

It's Hot

Only my crazy girl would choose to put a ski cap on during record breaking temperatures.

The Water

Abby loves the water. You can see her practicing her floating in the tub. She asks to be in the lake every day. Who can blame her with the weather we are having. Yesterday was a record breaking 104 degrees in Tacoma. I was melting. Ugh! We got some relief by going to Nikki & Matt's house with AC. The lake is the other form of relief. We jump in often, and I'm not sure what I'd do without it. Abby is catching on to the concept of swimming quickly. She at first wanted to be where she could stand but would throw herself into the water so everything but her head was covered. She had no interest in floating - kind of freaked her out. However, she transitioned from that quickly and caught onto the idea a couple days ago - with the help of her little floatation device. Yesterday she was kicking and paddling to get where she wanted to go, as seen on the video. Her smile while she's playing in the water lights up my life. I'm glad she loves it so. She has no precaution around the water, which makes me a bit nervous but also makes me not put my guard down.


Abigail is learning her colors and doing an awesome job at it. This little craft gives me an opportunity to look at my magazines too. She picks a color to do and looks for the color throughout the magazine. I cut them out, and she gets to use the glue stick and stick the image on. I write the words, and she tells me the letters I've written. Pretty smart little cookie.

Children's Museum

Thursday is the Farmer's Market in Tacoma and free entrance to the Children's Museum, so Abigail and I had a date. Grandma watched Kenzie, and we headed downtown. Abby was drawn to the art room. I think I'm rubbing off on her. We also took a trip down to our...OK my...favorite toy store, the Learning Sprout where she was able to pick out a birthday prize.

Kenzie Laughing

Our Little Sweetheart

Our littlest has the sweetest nature.

Portland Races

"Epa drives a race car! Really Fast! Ear Plugs!" This has been a frequent conversation with Abigail after she has been to a couple of races to watch grandpa drive. This is the first year grandpa is driving his "new" race car. Last year he was in the same car, but it has had a major...and I mean major...overhaul. He's still working out some kinks, but it was still very fun for the whole family to travel to Portland to watch him drive and celebrate his birthday. When not at the races, we were shopping or eating downtown, swimming at the hotel pool or just hanging out. I was glad to find out the my high school friend, Clover, goes to the races too. Her husband races with Dan, so it has been fun to catch up with her at the track. We can always pick up right where we left off. Our girls were major troopers. Abby loves to watch grandpa drive. She also loved swimming at the hotel pool. Races were right during her nap time, and she would just tell us she was tired and ask for her pacifier. We'd then put the stroller in lounge position, and she would proceed to conk out while the cars rolled by. It was such a fun trip.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Funny Abigail Moments

1) Abigail has learned how the monitor works through her experience with Kenzie's monitor. Now, Abby yells, "I'm wakin' up!" right into the monitor after she has woken up for bedtime.

2) Today Abigail wanted to run along the sidewalk. She enjoys running and has this hyperventilating laugh she always does while we're playing chase or she's trying to go "really fast." Today, as she was running, she kept saying "Running, running, running," and then all the sudden, "Running late." It cracked me up and reflects our status way too often. I think she thinks running is the same as running late. I guess sometimes it is!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I went up to Bellingham for a couple days to help my sister out with the move process. I wish I had taken pictures of her house and before and after pics of my project, but I guess photography wasn't on my mind. We went to a couple yummy restaurants and celebrated Lucy's 5th birthday. Other than that, I was there to help organize their basement. I enjoy stuff like that! I'm just excited to have them living closer.

Fourth of July

Can you love someone too much?

Here's Kenzie chatting with my dad on the 4th.

It was a great 4th of July with the family. There were too many great pics, so it was hard to limit. If you or your kids were there, go to my smugmug account. After everyone left, the fireworks started on our lake. There isn't a big show on our lake, so we have only been here once. However, this time our neighbors were lighting of huge fireworks on either side of us. We really felt like we had our own show and loved it. Jer and I just held hands watching the display. It was perfect.

Vintage Car Races

Kenzie at 3 months

Kenzie turned three months on July 2nd. She is a delight. She is such an easy baby. My current favorite thing is her smile. It simply takes smiling at her, and she lights up the entire room. She is also "talking" with us quite a bit. The cooing is so sweet. She is completely healthy. Sleep comes easy - normally sleeping from 9pm-4am, feeding, and then sleeping again until 7:30 or 8:00. Not bad! You can tell she really enjoys her sister who is always giving her all sorts of love. We are still swaddling her because that's how she calms and sleeps best. Every once in a while (it's very rare) she'll be a bit harder to settle, but overall, is just content and easy. She is beginning to show signs of wanting to roll. She rolls to one side currently. Flexing her stomach muscles to lift head and feet at the same time is beginning as well. She's not a huge fan of tummy time but is beginning to like it a bit more. Car rides lull her to sleep quickly. She has dark hair that is falling out a bit, as baby hair does. Her eyes remain blue. Her skin has more olive tones. She has a long torso. We love having her around.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Today I made Abigail lunch, set it in front of her and went to make an aoili sauce for our 4th of July salmon burgers. Abby was eating and talking to herself. I was focused on my sauce and was kind of ignoring her because she was just chattering away. However, when chatter turns repetitive, it normally means she's talking to me, so I tuned in. She was saying, "Pray for it," over and over again. I looked over to see her hands folded and head bowed. I was so focused on my aoili, I had forgotten to pray. After we prayed for the food, she quickly had a lot of other requests to pray for including her spiral cup present that Auntie Julie had given her and lip gloss as expressed in the video. The kid melts my heart.

Potty Training Set-Back

Potty training was really going well. She was completely self-initiating. She wanted to wear her big girl underwear all the time and only had a couple accidents. She was motivated by the stickers. However, she suddenly switched to not interested at all. She wants her diaper back and doesn't want to try and go on the potty. Hmm...What do we do now?

Durr Birthday Party

We have a weekly dinner with the Durr family, and this week we celebrated Abigail's birthday at Casa Mia. She just loves her family and was happy enough being with them. The bonus was the fun gifts she acquired. The first picture shows the water/sand table that we have already had so much use out of. The last picture is of her sporting her new fishing pole. Other highlights were her own learning laptop and a bunch of cute clothes. Of course, the shoes and the big girl underwear were favorites.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Man Day

The day before Father's Day Jeremy, my dad and my brother-in-law, Ross, had a man day. They shot of a rocket, went for BBQ, ran into a random car show and went to a demolition derby type show. The loved it.

Kenzie & I Just Laying Around

Sporting the Gifts

She is so into the big girl underwear she received. Abby is also sporting the Pixie Stick necklace she made.

Again - the Pixie Stick necklace. Accompanied by the ladybug glasses she loves and wants to wear everywhere (thanks a lot Hope) and the cute bathing suit from the Millers.