Thursday, July 30, 2009

Portland Races

"Epa drives a race car! Really Fast! Ear Plugs!" This has been a frequent conversation with Abigail after she has been to a couple of races to watch grandpa drive. This is the first year grandpa is driving his "new" race car. Last year he was in the same car, but it has had a major...and I mean major...overhaul. He's still working out some kinks, but it was still very fun for the whole family to travel to Portland to watch him drive and celebrate his birthday. When not at the races, we were shopping or eating downtown, swimming at the hotel pool or just hanging out. I was glad to find out the my high school friend, Clover, goes to the races too. Her husband races with Dan, so it has been fun to catch up with her at the track. We can always pick up right where we left off. Our girls were major troopers. Abby loves to watch grandpa drive. She also loved swimming at the hotel pool. Races were right during her nap time, and she would just tell us she was tired and ask for her pacifier. We'd then put the stroller in lounge position, and she would proceed to conk out while the cars rolled by. It was such a fun trip.

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