Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kenzie at 3 months

Kenzie turned three months on July 2nd. She is a delight. She is such an easy baby. My current favorite thing is her smile. It simply takes smiling at her, and she lights up the entire room. She is also "talking" with us quite a bit. The cooing is so sweet. She is completely healthy. Sleep comes easy - normally sleeping from 9pm-4am, feeding, and then sleeping again until 7:30 or 8:00. Not bad! You can tell she really enjoys her sister who is always giving her all sorts of love. We are still swaddling her because that's how she calms and sleeps best. Every once in a while (it's very rare) she'll be a bit harder to settle, but overall, is just content and easy. She is beginning to show signs of wanting to roll. She rolls to one side currently. Flexing her stomach muscles to lift head and feet at the same time is beginning as well. She's not a huge fan of tummy time but is beginning to like it a bit more. Car rides lull her to sleep quickly. She has dark hair that is falling out a bit, as baby hair does. Her eyes remain blue. Her skin has more olive tones. She has a long torso. We love having her around.

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