Thursday, December 18, 2008


How to keep Abigail entertained while shopping...

Pregnancy Shots at 24 Weeks (part 1)

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Pregancy Shots at 24 weeks (part 2)

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Decorating

Some of our Christmas decor

Second Annual Progressive Dinner

First stop, Julie's place for appetizers.
Julie and Lucas

Next stop, Jen and Corey's house for soup. Abigail chased the cat around the house while cracking up the entire time.

On to Dan & Lori's house for the main meal.

Finally, our house for dessert and a little "Christmas Vacation."

Making Christmas Cookies

We had fun decorating cookies as a family. Of course, Abigail was more interested in getting the sprinkles stuck to her hands and licking them off. I took the decorating task a bit more seriously, but that's what I enjoy.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gabby & Liz's 1st Birthday

Gabby and Liz Overstreet just had their first birthday party. It was fun to celebrate their wonderful lives. Abigail decided to grab the mic when we weren't looking and proceeded to "sing" for the crowd. Seriously, whose daughter is that anyway? She has also been singing "Happy Birthday," which sounds more like "Happy Boobie," since this party.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Here's Abigail dancing. She loves to dance. I want to capture better video and catch when she has her hands going. She twists her wrists and makes her hands groove with the rest of her body. So cute!

About Abigail at 17 months

My last blog talked about how verbal the girl is, but I realize it's been a while since I updated her personality profile at this point. Since this is my main way to journal, and I will be turning these blogs into books, I thought I'd do some writing about her now. She continues to be fairly independent and yet clingy at times. She continues to love to be around people - especially older kids, but she gets overwhelmed by kids that get too clingy or too close. You can just see her get annoyed and try and get away. She seems to have a good memory. Yesterday I asked her where the teddy bear was, and she went way over to the other side of the room, found a specific book and a specific place where a bear was and brought it over to me. I thought that was pretty cool. She continues to be random, fun and joyful. She likes to dance and "sing." She is not into eating, and we're in a bit of a challenging phase because she doesn't seem to want food or denies what we're eating at the moment. Then, she becomes grumpy and doesn't realize she's hungry. We don't want to accomodate her by fixing her something else, but we also don't want to deal with a grumpy baby all day, so it's hard to know what to do. She does have a sweet tooth and also seems to be fond of soups, thai food, indian food, and other non-baby items. She also, thankfully, likes fruit, vegis, yogurt, cheese, and bread. She doesn't seem to any kind of meat. She's just random...sometimes eating most things and other times denying everything. She sprouted about 5 teeth all at one time, and had a sinus infection at the same time, so we have recently been dealing with a lot of boogers around this house. She just received her second (in her lifetime) round of antibiotics. She's still fairly obedient, but receives time outs for getting into things she's not suppose to or being disobient in other ways. These don't happen very often because she is a really good kid. She is not afraid of much and likes to be thrown into the air by daddy or onto the bed and hit with pillows. She loves being around all her family. She makes us laugh often.

Finding the Mouse

Here's Abigail after her bath looking at her book, "Goodnight Moon." I wish I had caught her earlier doing this because she was turning to all the color pages and quickly finding the mouse on each page, which is a new favorite thing to do. She is very into the words she knows and wants to practice them often. She points over and over to the things she knows and waits for me to repeat. Some of her words include: socks, clock, strawberry, apple, rasberry (which she pulls up her shirt and makes us buzz her tummy), blueberry, ice, car, airplane, water, baby (she thinks a baby is in her belly as well as mine), happy, Abby, thank you, here ya go, mommy, daddy, book, light, down,up, off, mouse, house, please (which used to be "ba" but is now changing), sorry, fish, shoes, boat, all done, milk, ball, bubbles, tree...gosh, I really could go on and on. She is learning so much, so it's really a fun time to read books and interact.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

We've Been Elfed

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