Monday, April 2, 2012

DeyArmin Going Away Party

Our wonderful friends, the DeyArmins, are headed out on the mission field with Village Missions. They are going to lead a small, country church that has a congregation that is dwindling. As Drea is one of my closest friends, she is going to be missed dearly. We let her go because it's obvious that God has for her at this time. I helped co-host a going away party for her and her family.

Valentine's Day Party

Valentine's Day...another reason to celebrate. I like to host parties for the kids and buy some Oriental Trading crafts to do. This has become a fun tradition for different holidays.

Rachel's Baby Shower

My friends, Rachel & Ty, are adopting a beautiful little girl from Ethiopia. We're anticipating the call any day that they can go pick her up. We wanted to celebrate her joining her forever family by giving Rachel a Shabby Chic Baby Shower...right up her alley. It was a great celebration.

Snow Day 2012

I love it when our area gets snow. Other adults complain. Not me. I like the calm that takes over the world. I love how things slow down. I love the beauty of the white falling from the sky. I love the fun. So, I embraced the white stuff with my kids. With the big dump of snow, we made the biggest snowman I've ever made. We also got the sled out and went down the little hill in our back yard. All the kids enjoyed it. Nothing beats afterward when you go inside for hot chocolate and popcorn. Have I mentioned I love the snow?

Pacific Science Center

My wonderful parents have season passes to the Pacific Science Center. They were headed there with Lucy & Will (niece and nephew), so we decided to tag along.

Olympia Children's Museum

We spent an morning at the Children's Museum in Olympia.  It was a great place with so many things to do and places to explore - from cars, to trains, to grocery areas, to water tables, to art studios...on and on.  The kids loved it.

Sledding Day

We had a fabulous time taking the kids up to the mountain with my sister and her family. They had a blast...until the very end.  I don't blame them.  We got to the car with Abby and Corban, took of their mittens and shoes, and they were soaked, and I'm sure freezing to the bone.  I was amazed they lasted as long as they did.