Monday, April 7, 2008

Eating Habits

We give Abigail everything but the taboos at this age. She likes it all. She is more diligent about gumming food to death. I make a baby trail mix of cheeries, dried blueberries, and puffs that she enjoys. We've given her everything from Thai food to Mexican, and she takes it all. She prefers what we're eating over the pureed stuff, but we really have no problems when it comes to eating. We give her tons of prunes to help with digestion. This pictures also demonstrates her tongue trick, which consists of turning her tongue completely upside-down (she inherited this skill from her daddy).

Birthing Class Reunion

We had a birthing class reunion now that all our babies have been born. One couple was missing. Here's the result of the birth training we went through. It was a natural birthing class. There were tough, long labors in this group. Only one woman made it natural all the way. I am a big fan of the drugs now though. It was fun to reunite and eat some yummy Mexican food to celebrate.

Amber's Birthday

We went to Chantanee to celebrate Amber's birthday! Happy Birthday, Girlfriend!

9 Months

Our baby girl is nine months. She is still an absolute joy - fairly independent but still likes to be around us. She is "crusing," which means she can pull herself up on all the furniture and walk around it. She can stand indepently for up to 30 seconds. I'm still not sure she associates her words with their meanings...however, she might. She sleeps well: 10-12 hours a night and two naps 1-3 hours long. She more often than not responds to "no" and seems to stay away from some of the things we try and train her away from like plants, garbage cans and stacked books. You can see her think about it and often make the right decision, which is encouraging. She loves being around people and hasn't shown much stranger anxiety. Recently, she has shown a little bit of the wanting mommy only syndrome. She smiles readily and laughs often. She has constipation problems that we're going to talk to her doctor about, but I guess in 90% of kids it's a mental thing where they associate pooping with negative feelings and therefore, hold it in - making it hard. So, our child has a mental disorder...ha ha ha.

Grumpy Mommy

I don't think mom handles life too well when she sick - that and I think I'm spoiled with a pretty easy kid so far. She was teething and sick while I was sick and exhausted, which made me grumpy. I just have to give a shout out to my husband here who was sooo wonderful during that time and even brought his grumpy woman beautiful flowers. This also resulted in Abigail's first tooth at about nine months.


Facebook...the new rage. I recently gave in to the temptation and opened an account. I wouldn't say I'm addicted, like some. However, it's given me the chance to reconnect with old friends, which is fun. Kim "Mason" and Christine "North" as well as a new friend who lives nearby, Colleen, all came over last week for a play date. We had eight adorable kids running around, doing crafts, throwing rocks in the lake and eating lunch. It was great to touch base.

Easter 2008

Does every new parent dress their kid up in goofy bunny ears for their first Easter, or is it just me?

So Big

"So Big" is our newest game. She does it (if she feels like it) on command. She also initiates it by throwing both arms in the air.


I haven't decided whether Abigail enjoys reading the books more or pulling them all off the shelf.

Nice Days

With nicer days comes walks (this one at Fort Steilacoom Park with Ethan), swinging and time on the dock or in the yard. Of course, it snowed a couple days after some of these shots. It's been a crazy spring.

Our Bed

Our bed is a place to play. We make tents under the covers, throw her onto the covers, roll around, do a "head up, head down" game and play tickle games.

My Friends

Canlis Outing

Amber, Steph and I went for a girls' night out at Canlis. We sat in the bar and had appetizers, drinks and desserts. This one was "on the house" and soooo yummy. It's not a great picture, but it had a ring of chocolate circling it - cool presentation.

The Fall

What happens when you leave a crawling child on a tall bed? Answer: They think they can fly... that is until they face plant and get a rug burn on their noses. Poor kid. We parents always have to learn the hard way.

Bad Habits

Maybe we shouldn't start her so early on this stuff.

Port Townsend

The Durrs go camping at Port Townsend every once in a while. Julie, Jen, Jeremy, Abigail and I caught up with them for the day.