Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Sleeper

So far, Kenzie has been a great sleeper. I'm up once or twice during the night, but she is giving us 4-5 hours of rest in between feedings, which is very manageable. She also sleeps a lot during the days as well. She is a good eater as well, but I'm just hoping the long rest periods don't impact my milk supply. She is impossible to wake up to feed, so I just need to wait for her command for food. She will often fall asleep while eating as well. She loves to sleep close to us. We call her squeaker because sometimes she starts squeaking while she sleeps. However, when we pull her into our bed, she'll stop. She also will be in the pac-n-play next to our bed and start crying or squeaking like she wants food. I'll get myself all set up to feed her and put her on my lap, and she'll just smile and crash out again. I swear she just wants to cuddle. She has been a really easy baby so far.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Big Sister

Abigail has been such a wonderful big sister already. She hasn't seemed phased by the new edition. You can tell she loves her already. There's always genuine concern in her face whenever Kenzie cries, and Abigail is quick to let us know. She has given lots of kisses. She wants to just look at her and has been fairly gentle. She doesn't quite understand how gentle and careful she needs to be and tries to crawl over to see her almost smashing our newest. She has wonderful intentions though. She has brought me blankets, pacifiers and diapers as needed. Here are a few cute stories about Abigail's role as a big sister:
1. Jeremy was going outside to take Kenzie over to the neighbor. Abigail ran to the door, and I thought she was sad daddy was leaving, but she just kept saying, "Baby! Baby!"
2. When I arrived home, I thought it would be good for Abigail to watch me feed. Kenzie started crying and Abigail quickly pointed out that the new baby needed something. I said that the baby was hungry and I was going to feed her. I asked her if she wanted to watch and to come sit on daddy's lap. Well, she ran away and went to her toy area behind the couch. That was fine; I didn't want to push it. I started feeding and the next thing you know, Abigail appears from around the corner. She had gone to her box full of toys for her own baby doll. In her hands were a little spoon and baby plate. She quickly came over and tried to spoon her fake food into Kenzie's mouth. It was such a precious moment.
3. Abigail was misbehaving during one of the feedings and Jeremy was taking a much needed nap. I was torn as to whether to stop feeding and discipline Abigail or to keep feeding a handle it in a little bit. I informed Abigail that she needed a time out. She said, "Yes." She left the room, and I could tell that she went and sat on her stair where we put her in time out. After the alloted time, I called to her to tell her she could come out of time out. She came back to me and apologized. I gave her a kiss, and she began to play peacefully. Melts my heart.

Adapting to Home

We only stayed in the hospital one night, which was an absolutely fabulous decision. Coming home was wonderful. I wanted to be home to see Abigail again. I just wanted to start our life as a family of four. The healing process has been so much easier for me this time around. Breastfeeding has come easier as this one latches on really well. Sleep hasn't been great, but I still have felt rested. Kenzie has been sleeping a lot. Abigail has been an abosulte doll and wonderful big sister. I was saying today that I know so many people have been praying for us. What a blessing. I feel like other people's faithfulness to prayer has blessed us more than we can ever imagine or deserve. Thank you!
We had a little scare as we saw our newest struggling for breath and eventually able to gasp for air. After talking with our doctor, we decided to spend 24 hours monitoring her. So, Jer and I shared 2 hour shifts in the middle of the night. This was picture was taken during my shift.

Our New Family

Healthy Visitors

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Abigail and Kenzie Compared

Abigail Faith Durr
Kenzie Joy Durr

Kenzie's Birth Story

On April 1st, 2009 at 11:00 pm, my water broke. I had taken a shower and had the house in pretty good shape. That evening I had done a few acupressure points. I don't know if that influenced things, but about an hour after doing them, I was lying in bed and I felt a pop and a flow. I yelled to Jeremy who was watching t.v. in the living room, and we excitedly got ready for the hospital. Lori came over to be with Abigail overnight, and we arrived at the hospital at 12:00 pm on April 2nd. I was 2.5 cm dialated and 50% efaced when they checked me in to the hospital.

We checked in, but I wasn't really experiencing labor contractions. They were happening, but they just felt like the Braxton Hicks variety. So, the nurse informed me that they would want to start me on pitocin to help my body kick in the labor process because they fear infection after the water has broken. We bought a bit of time to walk around. However, I felt like we were just prolonging the inevitable since nothing was happening. So, at 2:15 I was given a small dose of pitocin and the contractions began.

My body quickly kicked in to begin contracting on its own, so the pitocin was turned off, and I began to labor on my own. Last time I was so determined to go natural, and was disappointed when it didn't happen. However, after experiencing the epidural, I knew I would like to go that route this time around. So, when the pain was getting more intense around 4:15 am, I asked to be given the epidural. They checked, and I was at 4 cm at this point, so I was at the point where I could get an epidural. They explained that the anesthesiologist was in a C-Section with twins that would probably take 1.5 hours. Then, I had two women who were way ahead of me in the labor process, so I would have to wait. So, I settled in mentally for another long labor and quite a bit of pain before the relief began.

My contractions at that point changed from being consistent to have a large gap and then a more intense contraction. I went through about three or four rounds like that when all of the sudden the worst contraction of all hit. I quickly took on the roll you see in any move. Screaming for nurses to come. Grasping the sides of the bed and and my husband's hand. I was screaming and demanding the anesthesiologist and the epidural immediately. I was begging . The nurse checked me and said that I would not be getting an epidural; I would be having a baby. The sudden rush of doctors and nurses began as Jeremy informed we that the head was right there. I was confused, in pain and still screaming for relief. Everyone was shocked at the quick progress and there was no time for any prep - just for the big push. I pushed for probably 1 minute and Kenzie Joy Durr was born at 5:11 am.

Kenzie was 19 inches long and 6 lbs 14 oz. She checks out perfectly, which is always a relief after months of praying for that outcome. She has a lot of dark hair and super long fingers and toes/feet. She has similarities to Abigail but definitely looks a lot different at the same time. We love her so much already.

The Aquarium

A local radio station was offering $1 tickets to the Aquarium, so I took them up on it. My mom, Abigail and I went and had a fun day together. After the aquarium, Abigail rode the carousel on one of the piers. Then, we went and ate fish and chips. I love Seattle!

Misha's Visit

My college friend, Misha, came to visit from Boise. We went down to the Pike Place Market and had fun shopping around and eating delicious Clam Chowder. She's one of those friends who I can always pick up with right where we left off. Wish she lived here!