Sunday, April 5, 2009

Big Sister

Abigail has been such a wonderful big sister already. She hasn't seemed phased by the new edition. You can tell she loves her already. There's always genuine concern in her face whenever Kenzie cries, and Abigail is quick to let us know. She has given lots of kisses. She wants to just look at her and has been fairly gentle. She doesn't quite understand how gentle and careful she needs to be and tries to crawl over to see her almost smashing our newest. She has wonderful intentions though. She has brought me blankets, pacifiers and diapers as needed. Here are a few cute stories about Abigail's role as a big sister:
1. Jeremy was going outside to take Kenzie over to the neighbor. Abigail ran to the door, and I thought she was sad daddy was leaving, but she just kept saying, "Baby! Baby!"
2. When I arrived home, I thought it would be good for Abigail to watch me feed. Kenzie started crying and Abigail quickly pointed out that the new baby needed something. I said that the baby was hungry and I was going to feed her. I asked her if she wanted to watch and to come sit on daddy's lap. Well, she ran away and went to her toy area behind the couch. That was fine; I didn't want to push it. I started feeding and the next thing you know, Abigail appears from around the corner. She had gone to her box full of toys for her own baby doll. In her hands were a little spoon and baby plate. She quickly came over and tried to spoon her fake food into Kenzie's mouth. It was such a precious moment.
3. Abigail was misbehaving during one of the feedings and Jeremy was taking a much needed nap. I was torn as to whether to stop feeding and discipline Abigail or to keep feeding a handle it in a little bit. I informed Abigail that she needed a time out. She said, "Yes." She left the room, and I could tell that she went and sat on her stair where we put her in time out. After the alloted time, I called to her to tell her she could come out of time out. She came back to me and apologized. I gave her a kiss, and she began to play peacefully. Melts my heart.

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Karen said...

Just LOVE all these photos! Congrats to your new family-- you all look great and happy. Thinking of you....