Monday, August 31, 2009

The Girls

These girls love each other, and it warms my heart. Kenzie smiles when Abby is near. Abigail is an amazing big sister with more love than I could ever imagine. Abby has decided she wants to keep Kenzie informed on everything. She'll walk by Kenzie and say, "Look,Kenzie, I have an owie," or "Look, Kenzie, I have cheese and crackers." She loves to give her things to play with and gets concerned for her if she's crying. We're letting Kenzie cry it out in her crib and a couple days ago I went upstairs to find that Abigail had gotten in to Kenzie's room and was trying to crawl up into her crib. Abby lights up when Kenzie wakes up and always wants to be the first to see her. There has been no signs of jealousy - only a couple times wanting to mimic Kenzie or play with Kenzie to get some extra attention. She helpsme by getting Kenzie's diaper, "patu" (pacifier), towel or toy. She loves to help give Kenzie a bath. If she knocks into her sister while doing her own thing, she says, "Sorry, Kenzie, it was an accident. Kenzie is obviously observing her big sister, and I am happy to have Abigail as her little sister's role model and friend.
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Ms. Potato Head

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Abigail Moments

1) Abigail successfully went pee in your doll potty - both hilarious and impressive.

2) When Abby asks nicely I respond, "Because you asked so nicely, the answer is 'Yes.'" Now, Abby is beginning to answer for me. It goes something like this - "Can I have some strawberries, please. The answer is 'Yes.'"

3) Abigail comforts Kenzie in the back of the car by saying, "It's OK, Kenzie. I'm sorry," and holding her hand.

4) Abigail apparently heard Jeremy in the kitchen the other morning from her room. She then began to shout. "What's that? Latte? You makin' a latte?" Jeremy was making a latte and yelled back, "Good Morning, Abby." She quickly responded, "Daddy, I'm wakin' up!"

5) I hate to admit this one, but Abby was helping me make a key lime pie the other day. She spilled some of the sugar and said, "Oh, Crap!" I guess I need to find a new word. She has since said, "Oh my goodness!" and "Oh shoot!" and "Oh gee!" These are better alternatives.

6) We have had a rough couple days of teething. She apparently has been a bit hungry too, which I didn't realize. We're trying to train through the grumpiness that has accompanied this time. We had a rough go a couple days ago. Finally, I figured I should ask her if she wanted something to eat. She said she did. She started eating, and you could see her mood beginning to change as the food continued to go into her belly. A bit after she was finished she said, "Sorry, Mommy." I asked why she was sorry since she had not done anything wrong. She said, "Sorry whining...crying." It was so sweet to see her remorse from her earlier outbursts.

7) The little stinker is becoming a bit too sneaky. The other day it was a little too quiet for comfort. So, I began walking toward the bathroom. I heard quick footsteps, the drawer close, more footsteps and she almost bounded out of the bathroom with the sweetest smile and "Hi!" I looked in the bathroom and nothing looked awry. Later, we found the toothpaste lid back on the toothpaste but once removed unveiled a very gnawed end. Scary how quick she put things back together and put on that smile.

8) The kid puts on other people's shoes wherever we are.

9) Abigail loves the girls next door. She'll go to the side window and yell out (like a teenager I must add), "Hey! Hi, Abby" - wanting the girls to say "Hi, Abby" back.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Kenzie at 4 months

Kenzie is 4 months old. She continues to be a delight. Our favorite thing is that it just takes a glance at her, and her beautiful smile quickly appears. She has rolled now from stomach to back and back to stomach. She is reaching out to touch everything. She has passed all the 4-6 month milestones. She continues to love Abigail and the rest of the family. She talks and laughs a lot and continues to squeak, living up to her nickname, "Squeakers." Sleeping has gotten worse the last week. She likes to be swaddled tight to fall asleep but then gets frustrated in the middle of the night trying to squiggle out of it. We just took the wrap away and are trying to do without it. She's always been a good sleeper but this week has been rough. Her naps seem to be random too - no real schedule setting in yet. We've pulled out the exerciser and Bumbo, and she sits pretty well in those. She can put weight on both feet and is getting stronger and stronger. She has learned to blow bubbles with her spit, which is a new enjoyment. She always wants to be a part of the conversation. She can become frustrated with her noises and actions until we engage her as part of the group. Then she is all smiles and talks a lot to join in on our family interaction. She is adorable, but I feel her looks are constantly changing and she can look different moment to moment and angle to angle. Eating habits are OK. We started supplementing a little bit - about 4 oz at night. I think we're struggling less than with Abby, but I want to go to the lactation consultant to weigh before and after to make sure she's getting enough because it does seem like my supply is down. She checked out great at the doctor but DOES NOT like being there. She did not like being fussed with at all and screamed louder than I've ever heard her scream when she got her shot. It was weird because she is generally a laid back kid. She is 13 lbs 8 ounces (44%) and is 24 3/4 inches long (67%). Her head is 16 inches (36%).

Potty Training Update #2

Other than poops and sleeping times, Abigail is potty trained!