Thursday, August 13, 2009

Abigail Moments

1) Abigail successfully went pee in your doll potty - both hilarious and impressive.

2) When Abby asks nicely I respond, "Because you asked so nicely, the answer is 'Yes.'" Now, Abby is beginning to answer for me. It goes something like this - "Can I have some strawberries, please. The answer is 'Yes.'"

3) Abigail comforts Kenzie in the back of the car by saying, "It's OK, Kenzie. I'm sorry," and holding her hand.

4) Abigail apparently heard Jeremy in the kitchen the other morning from her room. She then began to shout. "What's that? Latte? You makin' a latte?" Jeremy was making a latte and yelled back, "Good Morning, Abby." She quickly responded, "Daddy, I'm wakin' up!"

5) I hate to admit this one, but Abby was helping me make a key lime pie the other day. She spilled some of the sugar and said, "Oh, Crap!" I guess I need to find a new word. She has since said, "Oh my goodness!" and "Oh shoot!" and "Oh gee!" These are better alternatives.

6) We have had a rough couple days of teething. She apparently has been a bit hungry too, which I didn't realize. We're trying to train through the grumpiness that has accompanied this time. We had a rough go a couple days ago. Finally, I figured I should ask her if she wanted something to eat. She said she did. She started eating, and you could see her mood beginning to change as the food continued to go into her belly. A bit after she was finished she said, "Sorry, Mommy." I asked why she was sorry since she had not done anything wrong. She said, "Sorry whining...crying." It was so sweet to see her remorse from her earlier outbursts.

7) The little stinker is becoming a bit too sneaky. The other day it was a little too quiet for comfort. So, I began walking toward the bathroom. I heard quick footsteps, the drawer close, more footsteps and she almost bounded out of the bathroom with the sweetest smile and "Hi!" I looked in the bathroom and nothing looked awry. Later, we found the toothpaste lid back on the toothpaste but once removed unveiled a very gnawed end. Scary how quick she put things back together and put on that smile.

8) The kid puts on other people's shoes wherever we are.

9) Abigail loves the girls next door. She'll go to the side window and yell out (like a teenager I must add), "Hey! Hi, Abby" - wanting the girls to say "Hi, Abby" back.

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Karen said...

my favorite is the latte quote-- that is what I can imagine my future daughter saying too!! :) And I have a similar story for the slip of my mouth with a girl I nannied for...only it was a little worse!! Makes you learn quick :)