Monday, August 31, 2009

The Girls

These girls love each other, and it warms my heart. Kenzie smiles when Abby is near. Abigail is an amazing big sister with more love than I could ever imagine. Abby has decided she wants to keep Kenzie informed on everything. She'll walk by Kenzie and say, "Look,Kenzie, I have an owie," or "Look, Kenzie, I have cheese and crackers." She loves to give her things to play with and gets concerned for her if she's crying. We're letting Kenzie cry it out in her crib and a couple days ago I went upstairs to find that Abigail had gotten in to Kenzie's room and was trying to crawl up into her crib. Abby lights up when Kenzie wakes up and always wants to be the first to see her. There has been no signs of jealousy - only a couple times wanting to mimic Kenzie or play with Kenzie to get some extra attention. She helpsme by getting Kenzie's diaper, "patu" (pacifier), towel or toy. She loves to help give Kenzie a bath. If she knocks into her sister while doing her own thing, she says, "Sorry, Kenzie, it was an accident. Kenzie is obviously observing her big sister, and I am happy to have Abigail as her little sister's role model and friend.
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