Thursday, July 29, 2010


This post is out of order, but it is Abigail practicing to be the "flowder girl."

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal went off without a hitch. Then, it was off to the Tacoma Golf and Country Club for a wonderful dinner!

Julie's Bachelorette Party

We had a fabulous weekend celebrating Julie's upcoming wedding. This beautiful woman got married on July 23rd, and the weekend before, we (Julie, Jenn, Karen, and I) were able to spend an overnight in Seattle. We got into Seattle in the afternoon, checked in to the W hotel and went out shopping. After shopping, we got all dressed up and went to Benihana, where the food is prepared right in front of you. Next, we were off to the Melting Pot for dessert. After that and a quick bar run, we returned to the hotel for the opening of lingerie gifts and time hanging out. In the morning, it was off to Pike Place Market for coffee at the original Starbucks, breakfast at the french bakery and a bit of flower shopping. University Village for some more shopping was the next stop. Finally, we ended up kyaking on Lake Union. Such a fun weekend with such amazing women.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Michelle's Visit

My good friend, Michelle, was in town visiting from San Diego. She stayed with us for a few days, and we had a great time together. We laid low, mostly spending time at home, but it was just great to have her around. Not only was it fun to have someone to constantly hang out with and talk with, but she was so helpful with the girls and general house stuff, as I had a few events to plan for and a cake to make. The girls love her because she is so good with them and such a kid person. What fun to have her here!

Swim Lessons

We stayed the week in Bellevue so that Abigail could take swim lessons from the infamous, Suzie Gravrock. Abigail loved every minute of it. She was jumping off the diving board the first day with no hesitation. This is the first step to becoming a swimmer.

Zoo MOPS Playdate

We had a playdate at the zoo and had a great time. I rarely post on the realities of parenthood, and I thought I would just have to include a picture of Kenzie having a meltdown. Unfortunately, this is one of many Kenzie tends to have throughout the day. She just tends to whine to TRY to get what she wants. We're working on it. All that said, both girls really loved seeing all the animals.

4th of July

I didn't get many pictures of the Fourth of July, but we did have a small family party at our house. The weather didn't cooperate too much, but it wasn't horrible. We spent some time outside and some inside. When fireworks started, we lined up the couches by the windows and a few watched from there. Everyone else bundled up and headed outside to brave both the chill and the neighbors crazy fireworks antics. The show was totally fun because we have people all around us who go big! It feels like there is a show right for us. The wind push the neighbors' fireworks right over our head. Plus, the way they light them off is a show in and of itself. I'm in the yard next door, and I wouldn't want to be any closer. We even lost some of our own spectators to the couches inside due to fear. They had 75 people over to their party, and it feels like everyone has a firework in their hand. I'm AMAZED no one has gotten hurt. There are bangs and pows from every corner of their dock and a few places on their beach. It seems like people are standing way too close and ducking at the last minute. The fireworks fly from anywhere and to anywhere. In the end, we were trying to decide if it was more fun to watch the fireworks or crazy people lighting them off.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Abigail is Three Years Old

Every birthday we take a picture with you and "your tree" that we planted when you turned one.

Abigail, you are officially three. What a blessing you have been to us the last three years. Your Bible Study teachers have said that you are their "sunshine." You are ours too. You come down the stairs each morning with a bright smile on your face. A smile is what you wear the most....well, other than the amazing amount of clothes you change into throughout the day. You are a total goof, and clothing changes constantly make me laugh. From coming downstairs in one of Kenzie's swimsuits, pajamas or dresses, to your princess clothes, to one of your favorite dresses, to a random combination of goggles, hats, gloves, socks, shoes, and anything else you can get your hands on. You are often trying things on, looking at your reflection in any surface (oven door, french doors, mirrors, windows) and dance and sing in whatever costume you've decide to dress yourself in at the moment. Lately, dresses are what you want to wear the most.

You are such a smart girl, Abby! You know all of your letters, both upper and lower case. You know all of their sounds too - although the vowels can stump you at times. You are beginning to recognize some sight words (no, yes, mommy, daddy, Abby, Kenzie, grandma, Zach, the) and are beginning to even read. You do pretty well at reading -at and -an words. Speech you excel at. You are so articulate and have a very vast vocabulary. I am amazed at some of the words you remember. One story is about how we were going to the horse races. You said, "Will they have a carriage?" I asked how you knew that word, and you asked if I remembered the story in church where the man was in the "carriage" and had a "scroll" that he didn't know how to read... Seriously, Child, you blew my mind. The story was a few weeks earlier at church. You know, understand, and retain so much! You can also write your name, a few other letters and trace other letters very well. In drawing, you can draw simple things like a stick figure, smiley face, rainbow, balloon or sun. You can count to twenty unaided and then only need a few gentle reminders to continue from there. You seem to understand how things work and go togethere.

Family and friends are a highlight because you are social and especially care for those closest to you. Currently, you call the family "your people." "Will 'my people' be there?" is a question that comes frequently. People are not intimidating to you. A Starbucks cards was a gift from friends at your birthday, and you easily take your own card up to the cash register and ask for the items you want (normally a smoothie and birthday cake donut). People enjoy you. You are good at sharing and giving, although you sometimes need reminders. The kindness and generosity you show your sister often amazes me. You guys have such a good relationship because of the sweetness you show her in actions and words.

You make up your own words to songs, often trying to be silly. You have an imagination and creativity. You enjoy books, puzzles, games, people, music, swimming, watching movies, dress up, dolls and anything new. Independent, you'll enter someone's house and just want to go explore by yourself. Grandpa and Grandma Kern say you're the only grandkid who will just wander downstairs by yourself to play. Even though you love to be around others, you are often perfectly content on your own.

You are pretty obedient (most of the time). Emotional reactions to frustrations is sometimes your first response. I told you that you can no long "freak out" now that you are three, and you've actually been doing really well. Because I told you that, however, for a couple days you said you didn't want to be three but still wanted to be two. Yet, you still try not to freak out. You barely need reminders for "thank you" and "please." I want to say, "thank you," for being such a polite, wonderful child to be around.

Food doesn't interest you even though you'll eat just about anything with no pickiness. Any activity is more appealing than sitting down at a meal. Candy and/or sweets are a totally different story, however. You will drop anything if you sense that dessert is in the house.

I was recently thinking about how you don't really fear things. You jumped into your current swim lessons head first. You don't get bad dreams and have never been afraid of the dark. People don't intimidate you, and you enjoy watching the snakes that live down by the beach. I can't think of something that you fear.

Abigail, I pray that you continue to love God. You went to a boy on the beach the other day and reminded him that he is "wonderfully and fearfully made." You retain Bible verses, and you are working at applying that to your life, with some reminders. Stopping to pray for someone you know is sick is something you think of on your own. I love that. Being at church is something you enjoy.

Keep bringing joy to this world, my sweet baby girl. You'd remind me right now that you are not a baby, and I guess that's true. You are my "big girl" now. As I say to you often, "I love you so much...way up to the moon and back....forever and matter what!!"

Abigail's 3rd Birthday

We celebrated Abigail's third birthday Dora style. We invited over a few families who we are close to...and therefore Abby is close to their kids through play dates and get togethers. Abigail asked, "Are all my friends going to be there?" They were. We had a lot of fun. Everyone arrived, and we just played at the lake and had dinner. Then, I had made a map for the kids to follow. It took them to "Lollipop Lane," "Pinata Playground," and finally "Goody Bag Garden." They followed the map (with help) to participate in activities in each area. There was something strangely morbid and funny about decapitating Dora. We then opened gifts, and finally had cake and ice cream. When guests left, Abby opened up the gift from us - her first bike. She has been on it a couple times since and enjoys it. She had her first falls, but seemed to just pick herself back up. She's learning! I didn't realize how complicated it would be for a kid to learn to peddle. However, after the second attempt, she made big strides. We had such a fun day celebrating this little piece of joy. We had TONS of great pictures of kids there and families, so if you were there, you may want to check out and click on Abigail's 3rd Birthday gallery.

Julie's Wedding Shower

We were able to celebrate Julie's upcoming wedding at a shower Jenn and I threw for her at Jenn's house. It was a fun time together. Each person wrote out their words of marriage advice on our chalkboard speech bubble. We had a salad based sit-down meal and cupcakes for dessert. Julie's wedding is just a couple short weeks away!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's a...

BOY!!! We had the ultrasound in the morning and the party that evening. The Ultrasound revealed a healthy baby boy...average size and scheduled to be due within a couple days of the due date, November 15th, 2010. We have the tradition of going to the Cloverleaf Pizza Tavern. Everyone wears pink if they think it's a girl and blue if they think it's a boy. We had a 14 to 6 ratio of girl to boy guesses, but the minority won. We're excited to add a Durr boy to the mix. It's a whole new ball game, but we are thrilled.

Kern Summer Birthday

We had a small "Kern" get together for whoever could come celebrate the kid summer birthday. We were honoring Emma, Lucy & Abigail at this event. It was a simple party where we opened gifts, played and had ice cream sundaes. You can see Abigail modeling her new backpack from Grandma Kern. Happy birthday, Girls!