Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July

I didn't get many pictures of the Fourth of July, but we did have a small family party at our house. The weather didn't cooperate too much, but it wasn't horrible. We spent some time outside and some inside. When fireworks started, we lined up the couches by the windows and a few watched from there. Everyone else bundled up and headed outside to brave both the chill and the neighbors crazy fireworks antics. The show was totally fun because we have people all around us who go big! It feels like there is a show right for us. The wind push the neighbors' fireworks right over our head. Plus, the way they light them off is a show in and of itself. I'm in the yard next door, and I wouldn't want to be any closer. We even lost some of our own spectators to the couches inside due to fear. They had 75 people over to their party, and it feels like everyone has a firework in their hand. I'm AMAZED no one has gotten hurt. There are bangs and pows from every corner of their dock and a few places on their beach. It seems like people are standing way too close and ducking at the last minute. The fireworks fly from anywhere and to anywhere. In the end, we were trying to decide if it was more fun to watch the fireworks or crazy people lighting them off.

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