Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This post is out of order, but I have pictures of times my sister has taken my girls. It is such a blessing on so many levels. It's nice to have a bit of time with just my hubby. However, the bigger blessing is for the girls and the relationship they have with their cousins. They love each other so much.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The First Few Days

Adapting to home has been going pretty well. The girls really like him. Kenzie wants to give him a "miss" (kiss) all the time. They are both being gentle, although there still seems a need to protect the little guy as they crawl around trying to get closer to him or me. Kenzie actually seems to be easier since we arrived home. Abigail wants to help and hold him. I am pleased with how both girls have responded, so far. It has been amazing having Jeremy at home, and I'm imagining doing it by myself and am intimidated by the future. The girls still need a lot, and when I have him upset and them needy, it shall be interesting. He is a pretty easy baby thus far. He has a real needy time beginning in the evening and continuing throughout the night - until 1-3 AM. However, he then gives us a decent chunk of sleep - about 5 hours. During the day, he has been pretty quiet and easy. I can tell he wants to just suck on things, which makes a pacifier tempting, but we are trying to hold off a bit. He has been a bit jaundice, so it has meant a doctor visit daily. Today (4 days old), his readings have leveled off, so he is in the clear. Some of the pictures above were when we were sitting him in the warm window as the sun shone in. We have been sleeping OK - better, for me, than when I was pregnant. Oh - and on that note, it feels so good to be not pregnant, as the end of the pregnancy was just way too uncomfortable. I loving this little guy. I just love to hold him and stare at him. What a wonderful addition and a huge blessing.

Coming Home

We returned home on Sunday the 21st. It was a nice, quiet day at the hospital where we were able to sleep, watch the Seahawks while the snow fell over Wright Park out our window. Then, it was home to integrate this little man into the family.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Boys

Here we are right after Corban was born.

Corban's Birth Story

Friday November 19th my parents came down to visit. I had an early morning doctor appointment, and at that appointment, they scraped my membranes. When I returned home, I began having some pretty intense contractions. It was a lot of pain in my back and reminded me of the contractions and pain I had during Abigail's birth. So, after an hour of consistent contractions about 3 minutes apart, we headed to the hospital. I was so glad my parents were there to be with the girls. As we were driving, things did began to slow down and then slowed down even more once we arrived at the hospital. The first picture here is of me being sent home. Contractions fell off completely, and I thought it was going to be yet another night I thought I was going into labor and wasn't. However, contractions began again around 10:00 PM. Then, they really set in consistently and intensely around 11:00. I labored at home for a bit, determined not to be the idiot that goes in again for a false labor. However, things got intense quick and I was beginning to experience a lot of pain and pressure. I soon began to worry that I was going to be the idiot who had her baby on the side of the freeway. We took off to the hospital. The pressure and contractions were killing me and Jer began to have doubts that we'd make it to the hospital too, but he remained calm as he assured me that we would not have the baby in the car. We left the house around 1:15 AM on November 20th. Corban was born at 2:06 AM. So, there was no time for any kind of medication. I basically had time to check-in, while I was bracing my arms in the wheel chair and groaning through contractions right in the lobby. Then, we were wheeled to a triage room until they immediately realized I was pretty serious about being in labor...that took about two seconds. So, I was taken to the birthing room where they got me hooked up and informed me that I was dialated to 10 had no time for anything but having a baby. Time to push. Pushing was a bith chaotic this time around because I had about 8 people all telling me what to do rather than the rhythm of relax and now push, relax and now push. So, I just tried to push and keep pushing, tuning everyone out but my husband. Out came a beautiful baby boy - all 8 lbs 13 oz of him. He was 20 inches long. Jer was able to cut the ambilical chord. He is perfectly healthy, and we are so excited to welcome Corban John Durr into our family.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

100% Girl

My Girls

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Little Ceasars and McDonalds

We had a fun lunch date today. We had a couple coupons for Little Ceasars, so we went there and got an entire pizza and crazy bread for $2.19. We sat in the back of the van and had a Little Ceasars picnic while watching "Peter Pan." Then, it was off to McDonalds for ice cream. For $2.49, we got the ice cream and a bunch of fun. Jeremy was quick to climb up into the play structure and play with the kiddos. Needless to say, I kept my pregnant body on the ground. It was a really fun afternoon for less than $5. I feel very blessed to have such an involved husband and dad.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Disappointed in our lame pictures from Halloween. We forgot our camera so had to do pictures from Jer's phone...oh well! We went to an annual Halloween party at our friends Justin and Laura's house. You can see that my belly worked out perfectly to be a big bowling ball. On Halloween night, we went to our church Harvest Carnival with two of the prettiest ballerinas I have ever seen.

Parent's Retirement Party

My parents are officially retired. They say they're busier in retirement than they were working. With the time they spend with all their grandkids, it doesn't surprise me. On top of that, my mom helps leads Bible Study and my dad is going to UW for a couple classes and is a part of their performing symphonic band. Add that to all the other things (bridge, prison ministry, friends and family commitments), and they're pretty much non-stop. We did make them stop, however, for a surprise Retirement Party. It was on my Uncle Ron and Aunt Jeanette's boat. We had a catered meal (thanks Snuffins!...Yummy Stuff), time to just sit and chat, and a little Bingo with prices that represented my parents (because once you are retired, you play BINGO, right?). We also had a couple great pies thanks to Stacie. It was a great surprise and an absolutely wonderful evening in which to celebrate all of the hard work both of my parents have put in throughout their lives - whether it be in raising us or earning a living.