Monday, November 1, 2010

Parent's Retirement Party

My parents are officially retired. They say they're busier in retirement than they were working. With the time they spend with all their grandkids, it doesn't surprise me. On top of that, my mom helps leads Bible Study and my dad is going to UW for a couple classes and is a part of their performing symphonic band. Add that to all the other things (bridge, prison ministry, friends and family commitments), and they're pretty much non-stop. We did make them stop, however, for a surprise Retirement Party. It was on my Uncle Ron and Aunt Jeanette's boat. We had a catered meal (thanks Snuffins!...Yummy Stuff), time to just sit and chat, and a little Bingo with prices that represented my parents (because once you are retired, you play BINGO, right?). We also had a couple great pies thanks to Stacie. It was a great surprise and an absolutely wonderful evening in which to celebrate all of the hard work both of my parents have put in throughout their lives - whether it be in raising us or earning a living.

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