Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Corban's Birth Story

Friday November 19th my parents came down to visit. I had an early morning doctor appointment, and at that appointment, they scraped my membranes. When I returned home, I began having some pretty intense contractions. It was a lot of pain in my back and reminded me of the contractions and pain I had during Abigail's birth. So, after an hour of consistent contractions about 3 minutes apart, we headed to the hospital. I was so glad my parents were there to be with the girls. As we were driving, things did began to slow down and then slowed down even more once we arrived at the hospital. The first picture here is of me being sent home. Contractions fell off completely, and I thought it was going to be yet another night I thought I was going into labor and wasn't. However, contractions began again around 10:00 PM. Then, they really set in consistently and intensely around 11:00. I labored at home for a bit, determined not to be the idiot that goes in again for a false labor. However, things got intense quick and I was beginning to experience a lot of pain and pressure. I soon began to worry that I was going to be the idiot who had her baby on the side of the freeway. We took off to the hospital. The pressure and contractions were killing me and Jer began to have doubts that we'd make it to the hospital too, but he remained calm as he assured me that we would not have the baby in the car. We left the house around 1:15 AM on November 20th. Corban was born at 2:06 AM. So, there was no time for any kind of medication. I basically had time to check-in, while I was bracing my arms in the wheel chair and groaning through contractions right in the lobby. Then, we were wheeled to a triage room until they immediately realized I was pretty serious about being in labor...that took about two seconds. So, I was taken to the birthing room where they got me hooked up and informed me that I was dialated to 10 had no time for anything but having a baby. Time to push. Pushing was a bith chaotic this time around because I had about 8 people all telling me what to do rather than the rhythm of relax and now push, relax and now push. So, I just tried to push and keep pushing, tuning everyone out but my husband. Out came a beautiful baby boy - all 8 lbs 13 oz of him. He was 20 inches long. Jer was able to cut the ambilical chord. He is perfectly healthy, and we are so excited to welcome Corban John Durr into our family.


Erin said...

Girl, you and I really do have similar kid stories, from labors to how far apart our kids are, etc, etc...praise God for fast labors when pain meds are not an option. Glad Corban is here; hope to meet him in the Spring.

Smith Family said...

Congrats Jodi on your adorable son! Amazing what our bodies can do without meds... I think the "get him out NOW" instinct kicks in :) Enjoy your beautiful family.

Karen (LaDow) Smith