Friday, October 23, 2009


Have I mentioned that Abigail is obsessed with shoes? She is always putting on other people's shoes and definitely has an opinion about which ones she wants to wear. I bought her some tennis shoes not too long ago, and I told her they were "fast shoes" in attempt to speed her up a bit. It has been working. However, the other day I told her to hurry up, and she glaced down at the other shoes she was wearing that day and said, "No, these aren't my fast shoes."

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Funny Morning

This morning I woke up Abigail to go to BSF with Grandma. I was changing her into clothes and a new pull-up, but before I got the pull-up on, I had to go downstairs for something. After a bit, she came down too and said, "Mommy, I went pee pee ALL OVER the place upstairs." Sure enough, I went upstairs, and she had. The trail started in her bedroom and went to the stairs. I think she had started to go and wanted to come downstairs to do the rest on the potty but didn't quite make it. So, I got the carpet cleaning supplies and went up to clean it all up. When I came downstairs, she was sitting at the dining room table, bare butt and all, and eating some cookies that I had stupidly left out on the table. She turned around, saw me and nonchalantly said, "You want some, Babe?" I'm still laughing.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Our friend just adopted Zavion from Ethiopia. He melts my heart, and I just wanted to document the beginning of their journey here. His life has changed tremendously in the last two weeks. He went from an orphanage in Ethiopia to pumpkin patches, Krispy Kreme, finger painting and parks. The transition has been fabulous for them. If their journey intrigues you, you can follow it by looking at their blog. Here is an excerpt:
"It was an incredible opportunity to share how God has worked in our lives to call us to this place and share the most important thing about adoption- that it is the best picture we can give the world about our adoption into God's family through Christ. Adoption on earth is the Gospel personified in its best representation- and we love giving God the glory for the fact that He has called us to be part of this story."

Pumpkin Patch 2009 - Schilter Farm

We had a great fall afternoon at Schilter Farms with our friends. This was a great place to take the kids. They had tractor/hay rides, pumpkins, hay maze, corn maze (we didn't do this), play area and petting zoo. I was saying to my friends that I think fall is one of my favorite seasons. The change of seasons is so much fun to see, but I just like what comes with it - warm lattes, colorful leaves, pumpkin patches, fall fashion, sunny but not too hot days, boots for splashing in puddles, soup, fires, hats with matching scarves, rhythm and traditions. I'm so blessed to have friends who equally like to celebrate this time of year.

Bellingham Bed Rest

My sister, Shannon, is 33 weeks along in her pregnancy and officially on bed rest. She currently has three wonderful kids (5, 3 and 11 months). Needless to say, she needs a village. It's been great to hear how her community, friends and family have surrounded her during this time. This last weekend, Jer and I went up to help in anyway we could. My husband is a rock star when it comes to projects, and I was impressed by how much he accomplished. The bonus for us is that Shannon is an amazing photographer. You should see her photos on her blog. These are a few she snapped of Kenzie. I love the one of Kenzie and her cousin, Lucy, too!


When Abigail was born, she received a generous gift card to Land of Nod from Jeremy's business partners. This easel was one of our choices. We have used the chalk side but only this past week was I brave enough to pull out the paints. I should have started earlier! She loved it! This was her first painting of "a sidewalk, a letter A and polka dots."

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Two funny Abigail moments involving wine: 1) A couples weeks ago, Abigail asked, "What are you drinking?" I said, "What do you think I'm drinking?" She replied, "Wine. I want some wine." I said, "No, you can't have wine." Thinking it was because she hadn't said the magic word, she earnestly said, "Can I have some wine, PLEASE!!" 2) Today Abigail went to Bible Study Fellowship with Grandma Durr. They are studying the book of John and today were learning about Jesus turning water into wine. When Grandma asked her what she had learned, she replied, "Jesus doesn't whine. He's a good boy."

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Corn Maze

The Overstreets

We went with some friends from church to the Rutledge Farm Corn Maze. The Corn Maze was fun. Abigail loved running through the paths and playing in the dirt. There were horse drawn carriage rides and some kids events set up. Abigail even had her first hot chocolate, which she was of course a fan of.

Jeremy is 31!

My amazing husband is 31 years old as of October 7th. We celebrated the birthdays of my dad, Ross and Jer all together at my parents' house. It was a night of pizza. Who could ask for more? We had his family over the day before his birthday and he requested appetizers and ice cream, so that's exactly what he got. We love being with our families, so this was a wonderful way to celebrate the day God created such a caring, loving, talented, hard working, fun, giving and terrific man!

Kenzie at Six Months

Kenzie is six months old! She checked out as healthy as can be at 16 lb 1 oz (50%), 26.25 inch (68%) and a head circumference of 16 3/4 inch (50%). Kenzie does not liked to be messed with at the doctor! She senses when she is someone's care that wants to check her out or fuss with her in some way, and she freaks out. She is now onto solid foods AND sleeping through the night - yippee!! She loves her dad and sister...she probably thinks I am OK too, but they generate the most smiles. Attention is her thing. She'll be upset and the moment you give her some love, she's all smiles. The smiles come quickly. She can make her way around the room by rolling and scooting by pushing her legs while she's on her back. Everything is going in her mouth, and she is very tactile right now, quickly grabbing whatever is close. I tried to predict Abigail's personality by this point, so I'll try to do the same for Kenzie. I would say Kenzie is a social creature who is most content when she has attention. She is quick to laugh and smile. She also seems observant. She enjoys music and anything that lights up. She is our screen girl - quickly attracted to t.v., computers, cell phones, etc. She loves to be outside. She seems to enjoy animals too. She's fairly content when she's well fed and has slept well but otherwise needs attention to stay content. She enjoys being passed around and interacting with everyone. She's a sweetie, and we love her so!

Starbucks Habits and Sleeping Habits

Starbucks Habits: We go to Starbucks almost every Sunday after church. It's a fun tradition. Abigail normally gets a smoothie, and we get a reduced-fat, turkey bacon breakfast sandwich with a iced grande vanilla latte.
Sleeping Habits: You'd never know it by these pictures, but we had quite the no-sleeping month with Kenzie. Starting early September through the beginning of October, she decided that she wasn't interested in sleeping. She was often up every 2-3 hours in the night. We were fairly miserable. However, right when she hit 6 months, that all changed, and she is now sleeping through the night. Last night, I believe she slept about 12 hours. Praise the Lord!


Abby loves making cookies with me...or perhaps, she just likes the result. She has a major sweet tooth and definitely gravitates toward anything of that variety.

First Solids

Kenzie received her first taste of solids at 6 months. She's a fan. She had no problems getting those first bites down and quickly thickened it up a bit. She is now on to pureed fruit.

Shannon's Shower...the People

Shannon has such a wonderful support system surrounding her!

Shannon's Shower...The Decor

The theme for Shannon's twin shower was a fairly traditional one, Noah's Ark. However, we decided to modernize it by emphasizing more of the animal prints that may have littered the ark. It was fun to prep and decorate for this shower. Stacie & my mom made some fabulous quiches, muffins and breads. We played a couple games - including naming the baby animals connected with the adult animal and a sculpting game. Shannon was surrounded by a lot of love. We are so excited to meet these two new babies!

Sista Sista!

Abigail and Kenzie love each other so much. Abigail has been a bit too lovey with Kenzie, and we're really working on playing appropriately with Kenzie. That said, Kenz is extremely tolerant of Abigail's love. Abby sits on her, hugs her, puts things on her, and takes things away from her. Everything is obviously done because Abby is wanting to interact with her. I can't wait until Kenzie is older and can play with her sister more. Kenzie always smiles when Abby is around.

Go Seahawks!

We love getting together with our friends, Ty and Rachel to watch football. Go Seahawks!