Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kenzie at Six Months

Kenzie is six months old! She checked out as healthy as can be at 16 lb 1 oz (50%), 26.25 inch (68%) and a head circumference of 16 3/4 inch (50%). Kenzie does not liked to be messed with at the doctor! She senses when she is someone's care that wants to check her out or fuss with her in some way, and she freaks out. She is now onto solid foods AND sleeping through the night - yippee!! She loves her dad and sister...she probably thinks I am OK too, but they generate the most smiles. Attention is her thing. She'll be upset and the moment you give her some love, she's all smiles. The smiles come quickly. She can make her way around the room by rolling and scooting by pushing her legs while she's on her back. Everything is going in her mouth, and she is very tactile right now, quickly grabbing whatever is close. I tried to predict Abigail's personality by this point, so I'll try to do the same for Kenzie. I would say Kenzie is a social creature who is most content when she has attention. She is quick to laugh and smile. She also seems observant. She enjoys music and anything that lights up. She is our screen girl - quickly attracted to t.v., computers, cell phones, etc. She loves to be outside. She seems to enjoy animals too. She's fairly content when she's well fed and has slept well but otherwise needs attention to stay content. She enjoys being passed around and interacting with everyone. She's a sweetie, and we love her so!

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