Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Funny Morning

This morning I woke up Abigail to go to BSF with Grandma. I was changing her into clothes and a new pull-up, but before I got the pull-up on, I had to go downstairs for something. After a bit, she came down too and said, "Mommy, I went pee pee ALL OVER the place upstairs." Sure enough, I went upstairs, and she had. The trail started in her bedroom and went to the stairs. I think she had started to go and wanted to come downstairs to do the rest on the potty but didn't quite make it. So, I got the carpet cleaning supplies and went up to clean it all up. When I came downstairs, she was sitting at the dining room table, bare butt and all, and eating some cookies that I had stupidly left out on the table. She turned around, saw me and nonchalantly said, "You want some, Babe?" I'm still laughing.

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