Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Our friend just adopted Zavion from Ethiopia. He melts my heart, and I just wanted to document the beginning of their journey here. His life has changed tremendously in the last two weeks. He went from an orphanage in Ethiopia to pumpkin patches, Krispy Kreme, finger painting and parks. The transition has been fabulous for them. If their journey intrigues you, you can follow it by looking at their blog. Here is an excerpt:
"It was an incredible opportunity to share how God has worked in our lives to call us to this place and share the most important thing about adoption- that it is the best picture we can give the world about our adoption into God's family through Christ. Adoption on earth is the Gospel personified in its best representation- and we love giving God the glory for the fact that He has called us to be part of this story."

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Karen said...

love it!! Beautiful pictures..beautiful baby boy!