Friday, July 9, 2010

Abigail's 3rd Birthday

We celebrated Abigail's third birthday Dora style. We invited over a few families who we are close to...and therefore Abby is close to their kids through play dates and get togethers. Abigail asked, "Are all my friends going to be there?" They were. We had a lot of fun. Everyone arrived, and we just played at the lake and had dinner. Then, I had made a map for the kids to follow. It took them to "Lollipop Lane," "Pinata Playground," and finally "Goody Bag Garden." They followed the map (with help) to participate in activities in each area. There was something strangely morbid and funny about decapitating Dora. We then opened gifts, and finally had cake and ice cream. When guests left, Abby opened up the gift from us - her first bike. She has been on it a couple times since and enjoys it. She had her first falls, but seemed to just pick herself back up. She's learning! I didn't realize how complicated it would be for a kid to learn to peddle. However, after the second attempt, she made big strides. We had such a fun day celebrating this little piece of joy. We had TONS of great pictures of kids there and families, so if you were there, you may want to check out and click on Abigail's 3rd Birthday gallery.

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stacie296 said...

Wow! I never got to see the cake. This is truly one of the most impressive yet.