Monday, April 7, 2008

9 Months

Our baby girl is nine months. She is still an absolute joy - fairly independent but still likes to be around us. She is "crusing," which means she can pull herself up on all the furniture and walk around it. She can stand indepently for up to 30 seconds. I'm still not sure she associates her words with their meanings...however, she might. She sleeps well: 10-12 hours a night and two naps 1-3 hours long. She more often than not responds to "no" and seems to stay away from some of the things we try and train her away from like plants, garbage cans and stacked books. You can see her think about it and often make the right decision, which is encouraging. She loves being around people and hasn't shown much stranger anxiety. Recently, she has shown a little bit of the wanting mommy only syndrome. She smiles readily and laughs often. She has constipation problems that we're going to talk to her doctor about, but I guess in 90% of kids it's a mental thing where they associate pooping with negative feelings and therefore, hold it in - making it hard. So, our child has a mental disorder...ha ha ha.

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