Friday, December 5, 2008

Finding the Mouse

Here's Abigail after her bath looking at her book, "Goodnight Moon." I wish I had caught her earlier doing this because she was turning to all the color pages and quickly finding the mouse on each page, which is a new favorite thing to do. She is very into the words she knows and wants to practice them often. She points over and over to the things she knows and waits for me to repeat. Some of her words include: socks, clock, strawberry, apple, rasberry (which she pulls up her shirt and makes us buzz her tummy), blueberry, ice, car, airplane, water, baby (she thinks a baby is in her belly as well as mine), happy, Abby, thank you, here ya go, mommy, daddy, book, light, down,up, off, mouse, house, please (which used to be "ba" but is now changing), sorry, fish, shoes, boat, all done, milk, ball, bubbles, tree...gosh, I really could go on and on. She is learning so much, so it's really a fun time to read books and interact.

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