Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Change

Apparently a change was needed in the Durr household, and it came in the form of hair. Jer has had a beard for the last 3-4 months. I like it a lot, but also supported a change. These were the transition photos before the end result, which I unfortunately haven't taken a picture of yet. Me? I chopped me hair. It feels nice to have a fresh, light, fun new style. I just did it today but am a fan already!


Melanie said...

Whoa Jodi! That's so cute! BTW, did Luke tell you there is like a "mini-me" version of you here in Charlottesville - there is a little girl that might be a carbon-copy clone of you. we keep trying to take pictures, and at some point might have to be like "Can we take a picture of your little girl that looks like this person we know?" just so you can see it!

Stacie296 said...

Love the hair Jodes. But somehow when I see Jer like that, I don't trust him anymore. Guido!

Karen said...

Like the new hair style Jodi- very cute!! :)