Saturday, July 4, 2009


Today I made Abigail lunch, set it in front of her and went to make an aoili sauce for our 4th of July salmon burgers. Abby was eating and talking to herself. I was focused on my sauce and was kind of ignoring her because she was just chattering away. However, when chatter turns repetitive, it normally means she's talking to me, so I tuned in. She was saying, "Pray for it," over and over again. I looked over to see her hands folded and head bowed. I was so focused on my aoili, I had forgotten to pray. After we prayed for the food, she quickly had a lot of other requests to pray for including her spiral cup present that Auntie Julie had given her and lip gloss as expressed in the video. The kid melts my heart.

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The Tulloss Family said...

That's adorable - and what a tribute to your good parenting.