Saturday, July 4, 2009

Potty Training Set-Back

Potty training was really going well. She was completely self-initiating. She wanted to wear her big girl underwear all the time and only had a couple accidents. She was motivated by the stickers. However, she suddenly switched to not interested at all. She wants her diaper back and doesn't want to try and go on the potty. Hmm...What do we do now?

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Melanie said...

Our daycare person told us that once we switched over to potty-training, we shouldn't go back to diapers. Abi had a lot of anxiety for a three day period, we just trucked on through, and she went back to being super-happy about panties. (The anxiety was miserable and made us feel like pushy, potty-obsessed parents...but it was done with quickly). One of her friends took a different approach, every day his mom asked if he wanted diapers or big boy pants, and he just stuck to whatever he chose for the day. He also successfully potty-trained, probably over a three month period. You'll choose whatever feel right to you as a parent, and it will be right for Abby because you are such an attentive mom! Happy 4th!