Monday, March 21, 2011

Things I Want to Remember

  • Kenzie won't try anything. It's kind of about being a picky eater, but a lot of it is not trying things at all. We have decided she now needs to start trying one bite before she can get down. Last week she sat in her chair for an hour before she would have a bite of spaghetti. Didn't like it...probably because it was cold and slimey by then. Today the torture came in the form of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which took an hour and 45 minutes to try a bite of. I think we have more promise that she liked that one.
  • Abby had a friend, Ben, over last week. He had a sun on his shirt. She said, "Can I call you Mr. Sunshine since you have a sunshine on your shirt?"
  • In the most teenage voice possible, Abby said, "I got that money from my peeps." "Your peeps?" her cousin, Emma, inquired. "Yes, my peeps are Julie, Lucas, Jenn and Corey."
  • I confiscated all of Abby's dress-up clothes for a week because of some behavior issues we have been having. The next day she brought me a princess glove and a necklace and said, "Mom, you forgot to take these." I said, "I didn't take the jewelry. You can keep the necklace." She said (in the most dramatic voice), "Oh mom, you are the nicest mommy EVER!"
  • I was watching American Idol and Abby walked in. She looked at the judges sitting there and said, "She looks like a monkey." Then panned in on Jennifer Lopez. She said, "Not her." Then, there was a close up on Steven Tyler. "Her!"
  • Abby just wants to be grown up. I tell her to enjoy being a kid, but every day (sometimes multiple times a day), she says, "Look how big I growed," or "Look how strong my muscles are now," or "Look how tall I am."
  • Kenzie's new thing is "Close peeking (then she holds something to my face) eyes." The way she says it is too cute.
  • Kenzie is beginning to sing the ABC's.
  • Kenzie and Abby get so upset if the other one is getting in trouble. "No discipline Abby" or "No stairs, Abby."

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