Monday, October 17, 2011

Swim Lessons

In September, Abby and Kenzie started swim lessons at Clover Park Pool. They are doing super well. Kenzie has been a lot more hesitant around the water, so to watch her becoming more comfortable and not doing a death grip on whoever is holding her is super encouraging. She's really having fun with it, and that's what I wanted from her at this stage. Abby is having a lot of fun as well. She blew us away by sailing through her first session and graduating to the next level. She now knows how to float on her back and front for ten seconds. Comfortably put her head under water. Torpedo swim with her head under water sometimes unassisted and doing some other unassisted swimming. Once she moved on to the next level she had some hesitancy putting her head under water, saying water was going in her nose. Overall, I am impressed by her skills. It is fun to watch both the girls have fun and progress.

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