Monday, October 10, 2011

Corban at 10 Months

It has been too long since I did an update on our little guy. He is walking now. He started taking steps 10 days after his 9 month birthday, and he's been cruising ever since. Walking about 75% of the time now, I'm convinced he is trying to keep up with his sisters. He has 4 teeth (middle top and bottom. He has been irritated lately by the other ones pushing at his least I'm convinced of that being the reason he's been a bit more out of sorts. He is a good natured little guy. He loves to smile. He enjoys trying all sorts of foods, and so he is easy in that sense. He is 28.75 inches long and 22 lb. 11 oz. That puts him between the 25-50% for height and the 50-75% for weight (calculated online). He is starting to make sounds that seem to be associated with things. He says what sounds like "up," "Abs (for Abby)," "mama" and "dada." He's a chatty guy. He gives high fives, sometimes waves and is beginning to nod his head. He is a boy - loving to drum or hammer anything and making all sorts of grunting noises when he wants something. He also loves music and loves to dance. He has been a bit needy lately - wanting to be in my arms a lot but then getting squirmy in my arms. He is a very active little guy - not satisfied just being for long. He still adores his sisters, and we all adore him. He gets a tad upset now when he's dropped off at the church nursery. Mostly, he is content being with others. He is definitely social.

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