Monday, March 3, 2008

Valentine's Day

"Hey Guys...Why'd you ditch me tonight?" Here's Abigail on Valentine's Day - all dressed up for the occasion in an outfit Adam & Erin Knoll bought her. There were cuter pics of her, but this one cracks us up. We ditched the kid that evening and went to Katie Downs. I know it's not your typical Valentine's Day dinner, but it was so us. We had such a great time together. Jer was so sweet and wrote me a wonderful card and poem. I, of course, spoke to a man's heart through his favorite cookies...the S'More cookies from (Amber's mom's new business).

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Stacie296 said...

Oh my gosh. WHY did you put that website on there. I'm hungry now!!! Jer - save a s'more for me. I want to try those. Maybe Amber's mom should have a tasting party. :-)