Sunday, June 19, 2011

Corban at Five Months

Smiles seem to be a consistent mention in Corban's updates. My quote for him (from "Elf") is "I like smiling. Smiling is my favorite." This sweet little guy brings me so much joy and has such a wonderful nature. I am loving his "faux-hawk" that has grown so naturally. Sleeping has improved a bit. He is up once a night, and we are beginning to let him cry it out a bit more. Eating is good, but we have begun supplementing once a day, and he does seem more satisfied. Daily naps are not consistent or good. A morning nap is the best equalling 1-3 hours. Afternoon is rough, and it tends to be his grumpiest time. He seems super social and loves his older sisters. He can roll anywhere and tries to push with his feet. He has much more control of his hands, so he interacts with toys more. We introduced the jump-up, and he seems to twirl more than jump. He loves to be in people's arms.

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