Saturday, January 19, 2008

Six Months Old

Miss Abigail turned 6 months old on December 30th. Her name means "Joy of the Father," and she's really living up to it. She makes us smile and laugh all the time, and is, for the most part, really easy and good natured. She is 27 inches tall (89%) and 16 lbs. 6 oz. (58%). Moving and eating are the newest tricks. She army crawls or rolls to get where she wants to go. Something has thrown off her sleeping habits, so recently naps have become shorter, and she's waking up more often in the night. We're working on that. She's super social and most content when we're out and about or around other people. Her new Christmas toys and books provide exciting new activities. Her sing along stage and mirror as well as her little piano seem to be her favorite toys. Her favorite new book is called "Ten Wriggley, Wiggley Caterpillars."

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