Tuesday, August 26, 2008

12 Months Old

Abigail is officially a year old. She is 30 inches in height (79%) and 21 lb (50%). She is enjoying walking, books, stacking, and making a mess. She is super squirmy but self-entertaining most of the time. Still very social, she waves and says hi to everyone. She knows what different sounds animals make. Eating has been interesting. Thus far, she does not like milk. She can taste just the littlest bit of milk mixed in with formula and spits it out. She is learning to not throw food on the floor when she doesn't want it. Eating seems to get in the way of being active, so she could care less about it. I would not say she's a picky eater though. One day she'll love a food and the next day she'll want nothing to do about it. It all seems random though. She's still pretty obedient and easy going, but I do see some signs of a will peeking in. Words, in her own version, include amen, hi, bye bye, momma, dadda, here ya go, thank you, uh-oh, book and ball. She's a chatty girl who seems to "talk" often. She is still full of joy and smiles.

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