Sunday, June 14, 2009


We discovered Kidgits at the Tacoma Mall at Christmas time. Basically, you pay $5 for your child to become a Kidgits member, and you get to go to the VIP quick line for Santa Claus. So worth the $5. However, you also get to go to a variety of events they put on at the Tacoma Mall. The event this Saturday was for mini-chefs. Abigail was given her own muffin tins, a wire whip, measuring spoons, cookie cutters and bowls for her kitchen. She then was able to decorate her own apron, play games, dance and make a fruit loop necklace that she only wanted to eat. After the fun there we were able to go to See's Chocolate and use a gift card we had on hand. Then, we used our Kidgits discounts to "buy one kids cone at Baskin n' Robbins and get one free." Well, we had a $2 gift certificate there. We basically had a fabulous day spending no money. Can't complain about that!

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HopeE said...

I did Kidgits with Ellie before Gideon ... it was awesome! We really did get to do COOL crafts! Things like the apron - and even paint pottery! What a great idea the mall people have!!