Friday, September 4, 2009

Kenzie at Five Months

Kenzie is officially five months old. She continues to delight us. Her personality is beginning to show, and she definitely is growing up. She is grabbing at everything and enjoys having toys in her hand and her mouth. When you put her on her belly, she tries to crawl or rolls over. She sat up for the first time right before her 5 month birthday. We always have to be near, of course, but she's doing well. She went through a rougher patch where she was crying a bit more, but we think it may be the beginning signs of teething. She also had a really rough go of sleeping..ugh. We were up every 2-3 hours for a few weeks. The last two nights she has only been up once a night, which is much better. We are starting to let her cry it out in bed. She has adapted to that well and falls asleep after a maximum of 15 minutes, which is nice. She loves to see faces and interact with people. She can be crying but gets a huge grin on her face if you simply pay her some attention. She has found her toes, tries to flex her tummy to sit up, "talks," rolls and wants to eat our food. Eating has been pretty good. We're supplementing about 4 ounces a day at night.

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