Friday, December 4, 2009

Kenzie at 8 months

Our little Kenzie is 8 months old. It's amazing how quickly it goes by! One of these pictures reveals the two teeth she grew this last month. She handled it really well! Kenzie is laughing a lot. It's easy to get her to smile and crack up. She is "speaking" a bit but spends more time quiet - unless she's complaining. She continues to smile whenever Abby wants to love on her, which is often. She is getting around quite easily - virtually crawling. She wants to be grabbing at everything, and I predict she'll be a climber. She is a good eater and a good sleeper. She seems like a tough kid, not phased by her extra hard loves from her sister. She waves too! She can stand when propped up against things. She is great in the car and loves being around other people. She can feed herself puffs and teething biscuits. She enjoys being a the table with us. She gets bored in one place for too long, so we move her around from the floor, the exersaucer, our arms, the jumper and the high chair. She gives big smiles when we make her dance, do patty cake or sing to her. She continues to delight us, and she has the most beautiful eyes ever!

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