Thursday, March 4, 2010

Eleven Months

Kenzie is officially 11 months old. I really can't believe she's almost a year. It has blown by!! She has been pulling herself up on furniture and walking around furniture quite a bit. However, she is recently taking her first steps. She loves to crawl up steps, and she's becoming OK at going back down them. The more independent she gets in her movement, the happier she becomes. Verbally, she makes a lot of noises. The only distinguishable words are "bye bye" (with the wave), "hi", "mama", "dada" and "backpack." I think she gets the "backpack" by hearing Abigail watch Dora. It's definitely a repeat though. She definitely knows what she wants, and sometimes freaks out when it doesn't happen. I see a bit of stubbornness in her spirit. I know that can be good if reared correctly. She's strong and determined. She seems to like learning and achieving new feats. Kenzie loves balls, her sister, attention and putting things in her mouth. Her gorgeous eyes and bright smile bring joy to this family. Laughter comes easily as she is playful. She's a good eater, although has opinions about some of the foods we give her. Sleep comes easily. Lately, she's been waking a bit in the night, but she can put herself back to sleep quickly. She's only napping a couple hours a day and has seemed to recently drop his first nap. What a doll! We loves this girl!

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