Wednesday, April 7, 2010

James and Amber's Wedding in Puerto Vallarta

Our friends, Amber and James, just had an amazing wedding in Puerto Vallarta. It was a fabulous trip for us. We arrived, and they had "messed up" our rooms. Rather than sharing with the group, we had our own individual room. Because of this, they decided to give us all inclusive, which was amazing! We got all the food, drinks, etc. I also got some free spa services and other ammenities. We had wedding stuff to do, but we also get a lot of laid back time to sun on the beach, swim in the ocean or pool, dine, walk to town, read and relax. The group went on a Zip Line adventure. Jer said it was awesome, but I couldn't do it because of my pregnancy. They took a boat over to a secluded area outside of P.V. Then they took a 4x4 vehicle up the mountain a bit until they got on mules to head the rest of the way up. The path down was a combination of zip lines and belaying down waterfalls, etc. I'll post pictures soon. The day of the wedding was spent at Las Calletas, a more private beach about an hour away from P.V. It was beautiful here, and even though the day brought a couple boats of tourists, we easily found a hammock or bed out of the way. I did yoga on a cliff over the ocean in the morning. The rest of the day was relaxing, reading and then getting ready for the wedding. Jeremy got ordained and was the pastor. The highlight, which we caught in the picture, is when he accidently called the groom "Jesus." Jer did a great job. I read scripture. All our girlfriends, as per tradition, did a dance at the reception. We chose "All the Single Ladies." The wedding and reception had a lot of little surprises including choerographed dances, a high tide so that waves were crashing into the dance floor and fire dancers. Amber called it all "epic." I think she's right.