Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snowflake Lane

Mid-week we decided to head up to Snowflake Lane in Bellevue. Jer took off from work a bit early so we could go have pizza at my parents' house and then head downtown with everyone to see the festivities. Experiencing a horrible amount of traffic, a torrential down pour, a grumpy 19 month old the entire trip made us really doubt our decision to venture out. However, we finally arrived at my parents house and had a brief moment to down our pizza. Then, my parents said that they'd keep Kenzie and Corban at home and send us out to Snowflake Lane. This sounded like a good plan, so we took our oldest on a special date. She loved it. Of course, when she was asked about it, all she would mention was the snow princess, but we loved the music, snow, drumming and other characters that greeted us along the way. It ended up being a real fun evening, and I'm glad we weren't detered by the rush, the chaos and the rain.

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Teachermom said...

Thank goodness for smart grandparents... they saved the day!