Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm Two Now!!!!

Kenzie! Kenzie! Kenzie! Your life is always punctuated by an exclamation point. You don't say, "I want it." You say, "I! WANT! IT!" You are assertive, goofy, competitive, smart, beautiful, fun, intense, verbal, and social. You love to laugh, sing, dance, spend time with your sister, and play. Some of the toys that currently occupy your time are dolls, books, Mr. Potato Head, balls, puzzles, bubbles and play doh. However, you'd rather play with things you are not suppose to touch. I am often spending my day grabbing things away that you have decided to try and take. Kenzie, your emotions often drive your attitude. You can be giggling with joy or falling apart in dispair. We have been working hard at having you not fall apart as your first reaction. Instead, you are learning to stop whining and crying and ask with a happy heart and smile. You have sometimes said, "I'm! Happy!" in the middle of tears. Then, we work at it until you get it without whining and crying. You then begin to say it while laughing. You are super smart. You know how to count to 13, say your ABC's, know your days of the week and have a vast vocabulary. You also know (visually) some of your letters. You have been working so hard at trying to master language, and you are doing very well at it. It's a super cute stage of language you are in right now. You adore your sister, and you are good friends. You share and help nicely. However, I see you being a bit competitive with her - always wanting to get the opportunity to race her to the bathroom, help mommy grab a diaper for Corban or run to the car. You also stand up for yourself with her - that is part of your assertive nature. You are an amazing big sister to Corban too. You love him - always wanting to help, give him kisses and hugs and find him toys. Kenzie, we are asking for so much wisdom when raising you. You do want your own way and are pretty assertive at making it happen. We are trying to rear this quality in you so that you can assert that nature to glorify God and lead people in the right way. You do like to wear pants more than skirts. You also are sensitive to physical things - shoes that hurt, diapers that are rubbing the wrong way or sleeves that have become wet when washing your hands. You are also a very picky eater. You don't like things with flavor and won't try new things. We have begun to insist on one "no thank you bite," which has thrown you for quite a loop. You spent over an hour over one bite of spaghetti, another hour over a bite of peanut butter and jelly and 45 minutes over a bite of waffle. After you try your bite, you don't have to eat any more, and you often don't, but you are starting to understand that we are serious when we say you need to take a bite, and you are beginning to obey quicker. The things you do like include anything involving cheese: mac and cheese, toasted cheese, tortilla and cheese, crackers and cheese, string cheese or just plain cheese. There are some other things you like including fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, whole grain toast, nuts, cereal, pizza, pancakes, dutch babies, pretzels, any kind of sweets and did I mention cheese? You also like to eat ice. We're trying to make dinner a more peaceful time, but I must admit it's one of the harder times of day with you. You have been in your big girl bed and are doing very well there. We did take your side rails out a little too early, and you have fallen out of bed a couple times - once resulting in a black eye. You dealt with that like a champ. When you fall at anytime, you often jump right up and say, "I'm OK." You don't have any big attachments and do very well at sleeping through the night. You also are beginning to potty train, which you are just starting to grasp. You love playing in water and enjoy bath time. Your glasses are adorable, and I think they are definitely helping you see better. People see you and melt. "She is so adorable," is heard wherever we go. Your favorite show is "Bubble Guppies." Singing seems to be a big interest to you, and I love to look in my rear view mirror and watch you sing along with your music. You also seem to do well with physical tasks - climbing, playing with balls, running, riding your new tricycle etc. You are definitely independent. "I do it!" is a phrase we hear often. When you can't do it, that initial phrase is followed by "Help, please." When we are out and about you are generally easy but also assert yourself by saying "I'll walk," which simply means, "Don't hold my hand!" You are also independent when it comes to playing. Sometimes you want to do what Abby and the other kids are doing, but you are perfectly content at finding your own way. "Me too" is another phrase that indicates your competitive nature. The morning is one of the only times you'll cuddle withh us, and we love it. When you are out at church or other people's homes, they often coment about how easy you are to be around. You make me laugh, Kenzie, and you melt my heart.

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Such a sweet post for such a sweet little girl!